USAAAB: East Defense Day Two

A light rain and and some cooler temps awaited the East Squad as they took to the practice field this morning. The rain made for some frustrating play early on due to the wet surface, but things got going once the one-on-ones got started. The team appears to be coming together and becoming a unit as the week moves forward.

Griffin, Georgia defensive back Corey Moore had a nice morning matching up with the East wide outs. Moore and Mississippi State verbal Nickolas Brassell really want hard at each other in some spirited competition with both scoring their share of wins.

Defensive end Ishaq Williams from Brooklyn, New York is really making a move. Williams will pledge his allegiance later this week to either Notre Dame, Penn State or Syrcause and one lucky school is going to get a great player.

Williams has a great first step and a prototypical frame for a defensive end. He is especially good in pass rushing situations. Ishaq has a great motor and a passion for the game that is refreshing.

C.J. Johnson continues to standout at middle linebacker and of the linebackers on the East he looks the part as well as anyone. C.J. and Curtis Grant look to be settling in as 1 and 2 on the depth chart in the middle.

Defensive tackle Michael Bennett did some good things this morning. He plays with a lot of effort and he seems to really prefer the bull rush. Michael has a good motor and he enjoys competing against the offensive lineman in individual drills. He is a very competitive player.

Wayne Lyons of Dillard High continues to have a good week. He is very good in coverage and he is not scared to mix it up with the wide outs. Lyons uses his hands well in coverage and is not scared to get in there and rip the ball out should the receiver get a hand on it.

Rodney Coe looks more comfortable at linebacker today. He made a couple of really nice plays behind the line of scrimmage in team drills. Coe has good quickness and when he trust his instincts he is a very good defensive player.

Aaron Lynch is beginning to emerge as a force on the East defensive line. He is quick to the ball and it is difficult for some of the offensive tackles to keep him out in front. Lynch is really playing hard this week and expectations should be for him heading into game day.

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