USAAAB Practice Day Two Blog Recap

A look at the second day of practice at the USAAAB in San Antonio, through the blog...

9:58 - West is out on the field, doing stretching. It's a wet and dreary morning. Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins are probably feeling right at home...
9:58 - Marquis Anderson was out yesterday, but is fully dressed and practicing with the West...
10:05 - From Allen Trieu- Avery Walls missed the second practice yesterday but is out there today...
10:05 - James Wilder is out at practice too, despite a rib injury...
10:06 - From Bob Lichtenfels- It's raining
10:11 - Victor Blackwell is out and looks to be practicing today
10:19 - The wet field is causing a lot of slippage...
10:20 - From Steve Robertson- Sarao is playing weakside backer, but he looks to be more of a safety type...
10:20 - From Robertson- Kris Frost is back out here being a solid team guy again. Always keeping it fun
10:21 - From Trieu- Miles Shuler looking quick out of his breaks...
10:21 - From Trieu- Sammy Watkins makes another one handed grab, becoming a regular occurence...
10:21 - From Trieu- Jacoby Brisset sharp again so far. Bridgewater and Ely accurate too
10:23 - From Josh Harvey- With Greg Robinson limping off the field, the West is down to six offensive linemen
10:27 - From Robertson- CB Damian Swann looks really good when the ball is in the air. He has that extra gear
10:27 - From Robertson- Curtis Grant looks a little stiff this morning. Something we'll watch throughout the day.
10:28 - From Robertson- It's pretty safe to say that Nickolas Brassell is the fastest player on the East so far.
10:30 - From Harvey- Jermauria Rasco is abusing the offensive line today
10:32 - [Comment From AK00] 
- Interested to see how Marquis Anderson does today.
10:32 - From Powers- Anderson is looking pretty good so far
10:34 - From Trieu- Dee Hart knifes through for a touchdown
10:34 - From Lichtenfels- Brissett has a gun, easily the strongest arm I have seen on the East. Phillip Ely has very good mechanics, maybe 6-0, but solid, not a real power arm.
10:36 - From Trieu- Aaron Lynch blows up a play in the backfield. Bridgewater keeps it on a zone read for a tocuhdown. Miles Shuler beats Blake Countess clean for a deep TD from Ely
10:36 - [Comment From AK00] 
- Hey Harvey how has JW Walsh looked overall after day one?
10:37 - From Powers/Harvey on Walsh- After Day One, Walsh struggled a little under center, and his technique wasn't very sound in his drops. The second half of practice, when they went shotgun and spread, he looked much improved and definitely has strongest arms on intermediate routes.
10:38 - From Trieu- O'leary slips and falls and Ely throws it anyway and he catches it from his back. Watkins beats Countess deep for a touchdown. O'leary then turns Damian Swann around on a route.
10:39 - From Robertson- Danny Woodson just beat Avery Walls on a nice out route. Corey Moore ran stride for stride with Brassell and then batted the ball down on the fade. Peake just beat Jonathan Rose deep. Bridgewater is playing some receiver.
10:39 - From Robertson- Shuler beats Wayne Lyons. WRs having the better of it today
10:39 - From Lichtenfels- Ely showing out now, unreal touch on the ball and very accurate in 1on1s. Ball on the money every time.
10:40 - From Trieu- Anthony Sarao at fullback again. Dee Hart gets the corner and no one catches him.
10:41 - From Harvey- Driphus Jackson is struggling today
10:41 - Steve Edmond with a nice snatch off a pass for Malcolm Brown
10:42 - From Robertson/Trieu- Rodney Coe is blowing people up
10:42 - From Trieu- Brent Calloway gets into backfield and forces James Wilder fumble. Bridgewater gets the corner on a zone read
10:45 - Future USC teammates Cody Kessler and Victor Blackwell hooked up on a great reception over another SC teammate, DeAnthony Thomas. Thomas didn't bite on the double move, and had tight coverage- Blackwell just outsized him.
10:45 - Colt Lyerla just had his second interception of the morning.
10:46 - Herschel Sims blows past Kendall Thompson for a touchdown reception
10:46 - From Lichtenfels- Delvon Simmons is dominating line play
10:47 - From Robertson- After first round of one on ones, DBs are the ones pounding out push ups...
10:47 - [Comment From AK00] 
- Who has looked better out of Aaron Green and Herschel Sims so far up until now?
10:47 - Too early to call on Green/Sims...
10:49 - Robertson- The kicker vs. punter challenge ends with an incomplete pass.
10:49 - From Robertson- Then with the roles reversed, the punter couldn't come up with the catch either.
10:50 - [Comment From AK00] 
- When it comes to comparing the Under Armour game and this game this year at each position which game has the better talent?
10:50 - I've been to both UA and Army, and so far, the UA game has more talent.
10:50 - From Trieu- Lyons has had a couple of nice breakups
10:51 - Jaxon Shipley makes a hell of a catch in traffic, out jumping three DBs in the middle of the field from J.W. Walsh
10:52 - From Robertson- O'Leary is having a very good day. One of the better players today so far.
10:52 - From Lichtenfels- Lyons is a stud and covers like a corner. Ishaq williams tearing it up at DE.
10:52 - From Joel Cox- Victor Blackwell with a nice athletic reception from Driphus Jackson
10:54 - Victor Blackwell is having a killer day so far. He just got his future teammate (and 7on7 teammate) DeAnthony Thomas again
10:55 - Driphus Jackson is holding on to the ball a little too long.
10:56 - From Cox- Shipley is polished, catches everything with his hands. Arnett catches everything, but does it with his body.
10:56 - From Robertson- Wayne Lyons will announce Saturday between Florida, UCLA, Nebraska, Michigan and Stanford.
10:58 - From Flaherty- George Farmer blows by corner for a deep touchdown
10:59 - From Flaherty- Malcolm Brown is getting a lot of attention from coaches on his route running
11:04 - From Robertson- Ishaq Williams' dad is back out here today but today he is sporting a Syracuse hat. Mom played hoops for the Orange.
11:06 - From Lichtenfels- Jacoby Brissett with a rope- 55-yard pass onthe money with great release.
11:08 - From Flaherty- Kendall Thompson did a nice job breaking through for a tackle for loss. He's struggling dropping into coverage but is in the zone when plugging holes.
11:09 - From Lichtenfels- Peake is very consistent and great at fundamentals in his routes. You can tell he is from a well coached school.
11:10 - From Lichtenfels- Tobias Singleton is going to the locker room
11:18 - From Robertson- Wilder playing some defensive end
11:18 - From Miller Safrit- I think Wilder ends up at defensive end in college
11:19 - [Comment From Don] 
- How are Duck commits Tyler Johnstone and Christian French looking?
11:19 - French has had a couple of nice plays, a tip and blowing up an OL, Ethan Hutson.
11:19 - Johnstone is not suited up for the second straight day...
11:21 - Rain is certainly playing a factor here at the practices...
11:21 - [Comment From AK00] 
- Have the DL and OL done one on ones yet?
11:21 - No real one on ones yet out West.
11:22 - From Safrit- Wilder is back with the RBs.
11:24 - From Yogi Roth- Phillip Ely is the most complete QB for both teams. Jacoby Brisset has separated himself from the QBs, though, from either roster.
11:25 - From Trieu- Bridgewater at WR throws a reverse pass to Woodson for a TD
11:27 - Harvey Langi is working at running back now
11:30 - Walsh has a bad exchange with Malcolm Brown and it comes loose and Tiny Moala comes up with it.
11:31 - From Lichtenfels- East is now in team drills and Ely is a different QB with a line in front of him. His arm slotting is changing.
11:33 - Glenn Faulkner picks off Walsh after a great jump
11:34 - Both the West and East OLs are getting dominated by the respective DLines...
11:36 - From Lichtenfels- East is very animated this year in comparison to years past. Bridgewater is looking a lot better in 7v7s. Miles Shuler had the catch of the day on a diving TD
11:37 - From Robertson- Things are getting a little chippy in team drills. Avery Walls delivered a nice shot.
11:41 - From Powers- Starling and Walsh look very good on the ground
11:45 - From Trieu- Now Bridgewater is playing safety
11:49 - From Robertson- Tobias Singleton is back on the field, showing no ill effects.
11:59 - West has wrapped up practice, and is getting a post-practice talk from Coach Bib Johnson
12:14 - East has wrapped up practice too. We'll be back in an hour with the second half of today's practices
1:17 - Back at it for the afternoon practice at both West and East...
1:17 - [Comment From Guest] 
- How has James Sample looked?
1:18 - Sample wasn't very noticeable in morning practice.
1:32 - West is doing some 7on7 and OL/DL are doing some drills...
1:37 - Victor Blackwell is having an excellent day so far. Blew past the secondary and caught a pass deep in the back of the end zone.
1:55 - A lot of instructional stuff going on out West, a lot of basic bare-bone stuff with the bags and cones...
1:56 - [Comment From jwgiles3] 
- Is Odell Beckham still playing on both sides of the ball?
1:57 - From Harvey- He's played some corner, receiver, a little of everything.
2:12 - Aaron Green has had a couple of good runs on this series...
2:12 - Jaxon Shipley had a nice move on Christian French for a reception. But him coming back to the ball, had they been going full speed, French was in position to crush him...
2:15 - Cody Kessler hits George Farmer for a 30-yard touchdown, Farmer burning George Atkinson in the process
2:19 - From Trieu- Avery Walls with a Pick Six
2:22 - From Trieu on Debell- He's been solid. Nothing spectacular, but he's done well and won a couple of 1-on1s
2:23 - Kessler makes a good throw, but Seferian-Jenkins makes a better adjustment to catch it on a wheel route.
2:23 - From Trieu- Bridgewater hits Sammy Watkins down the seam for an easy TD on a blown coverage
2:23 - [Comment From Csmack] 
- Have read a bit on the East O-line but not much being mentioned about Zack is he doing? Looked like he had a tough day yesterday. GA is going to have to redshirt him & get him in the gym.
2:36 - From Trieu- Sammy Watkins is making plays, just grabbing a nice, one-handed catch...
2:44 - From Trieu- Countess is having a good day and just broke up a pass intended for Woodson.
2:44 - [Comment From Guest] 
- Is Kessler the best QB there?
2:45 - Based on today, Kessler has been probably the 3rd best QB of the 4 for the West. Bubba Starling and J.W. Walsh have been slightly better.
2:47 - From Robertson- Tim Jernigan looks a little slow this afternoon. We'll watch him, but he's got a little bit of a limp.
2:55 - From Lichtenfels- Brissett continues to shine, and has a huge arm. Every pass he throws is a nice tight spiral
2:57 - From Robertson- Jeringan is back on the field, but on the sidelines
3:42 - From Robertson- The scuttlebutt is that things look good for Georgia with Ray Drew.
3:43 - From Robertson- Just told Xavier Dickson will flip a coin five times to decide between Georiga and Alabama
3:45 - Practice is done for both the West and the East...
3:48 - From Lichtenfels- Ishaq williams will anounce at game as long as he figures out what he wants. Still an outside shot he may not according to father Shawn williams
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