Law Represents Hawks In Chesapeake Bowl

Rodney Coe wasn't the only Hawkeye playing an al-star game last weekend. Iowa defensive back Nicholas Law played in The Chesapeake Bowl.

While Rodney Coe was in San Antonio for the Army All-American bowl last week, another Hawkeye commitment was playing in an all-star game a well.

Iowa defensive back commitment Nicholas Law played in the The Chesapeake Bowl, a senior only all-star football game with players from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to compete against players from Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia.

"The game went well. It was a great experience and I got to play with a lot of high ranked players. I felt that I did better then what I thought I was going to do," said Law. "I made a couple of tackles and got two pass deflections. I also made an impact on special teams.

"I learned a lot. I feel way more confident in my game. I learned stuff that will help me in life, not just on the football field. Troy Vincent and Lamont Jordan had speeches about their life experiences, it made me look at people and life a lot different."

While many in the Iowa media are scrambling to find out who the newest Hawkeye commitment is, Law assured he didn't know.'s Take On Law's Performance:

"The Iowa commit had a great week. He is a premier safety and knows how to dominate at the position. He is very quick to react to the run and looks to lay the wood when he gets to the ball carrier. He is good in coverage and covers a lot of ground in a hurry. He has excellent size now, but will get even bigger in college. Law had seven tackles in the game."

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