Hoke Makes Strong Impression on Bryant

After taking an official visit to Pittsburgh last weekend Chicago (IL) Simeon OG Chris Bryant made yet another stop in Ann Arbor. After the interaction with the new Michigan coaching staff the Wolverines have re-solidified their place in the race for his services.

(This interview took place Monday evening)

Sam Webb:  You still up this way or you already back at home?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah, I went on out to Ann Arbor. I just got back home probably about an hour or ago."

Sam Webb:  You're just now getting home? Did you end up staying overnight in Ann Arbor?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah because I flew out to Pitt (Friday for a visit) and my parents drove that night.  On the way back, we had planned it out with Coach Singletary to stop there and we just ended up getting a hotel room and staying the night."

Sam Webb:  How was it?  What were your first impressions of Brady Hoke?

Chris Bryant:  "He was cool.  He is going to do something with that program.  They're fixing to get back on top.  Brady Hoke, he a good man.  He a player's coach.  He is the type that the players want to be around.  He made a great first impression, and you know that first impression is always big."

Sam Webb:  Who all did you spend time with while you were at Michigan?

Chris Bryant:  "I spent a lot of time with Coach Singletary, time with Coach Hoke, time with Coach Funk.  Coach Funk is the new O-line coach there.  I got there at about 6 o'clock last night and then we left the office around 10 and then I had another meeting with them this morning at 8:30." 

Sam Webb:  What is the vibe like with Coach Funk? What is he like?

Chris Bryant:  "Coach Funk is cool.  He kept everything real.  I think he was telling me that over the last nine years, he put 13 linemen in the league.  So he is doing his job.  He is real cool.  He's real down to earth.  He is going to come visit me probably at school during week and everything.  He's real cool.  I like him a lot."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you about what the differences will be with how they might use you?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah, we talked about that a little bit.  Michigan has been running a spread lately, but now they going to go to the pro style so that is going to be cool.  We ran a spread and pro style at my school… mixed it up a little bit.  I'm kind of used to both of them with the pulling guard and everything.  They were telling me how good I fit in their program and how much they want me and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  Does the offensive system going to affect you any?   

Chris Bryant:  "No not too much.  You know pro style, that is more NFL style.  Throughout college there is a lot of pro and spread, so it is like evenly balanced.  It is just a change at Michigan.  That's what they used to run back in what they call ‘the day.'  It is just taking it back old school just straight real powerhouse football."

Sam Webb:  What about the position?  I heard you mention pulling guards, are they definitely talking about you playing guard?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah that is definitely most likely what I am looking at."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to meet the new strength coach?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah, Coach Wellman, he's real cool too.  He'll get you right too.  Coach Barwis, he was a great coach but Coach Wellman, he's going to be a good coach too.  He said some good stuff and he is totally ready to work with me and everything."

Sam Webb:  So put it all in a nutshell for me… did this visit answer the questions that you had about Michigan, or is there more still to find out?  

Chris Bryant:  "I always knew about Michigan.  Just from going up there as many times and taking visits and stuff, I knew about Michigan.  It was the coaching staff that I really didn't know too much about.  With Coach Rodriguez and (and the previous coaching staff)…those were my people.  But with them being gone…you've got build a relationship with new coaches.  So now it is just to the point where we had a good conversation with them and got a good feel and build a relationship over the next two weeks and everything like that."

Sam Webb:  You said that Coach Funk is going to be coming out… is Coach Hoke going to be coming out any time soon?

Chris Bryant:  "Yeah Coach Hoke is going to come see me the following week."

Sam Webb:  Do you know which other coaches are going to be coming to see you yet?

Chris Bryant:  "I think the coaches from Pitt are supposed to come see me, Arizona and probably Illinois."

Sam Webb:  What was that Pitt visit like?

Chris Bryant:  "It was cool.  I've never been to Pittsburgh, I didn't know what to expect but when I got up there just the city, it reminded of being just like in Chicago.  It looked like Chicago a lot.  It was cool.  It was cool being with the coaching staff that was recruiting me at Michigan and everything.  I had a good time with the players and everything like that."

Sam Webb:  Would you have a chance to go in there and play right away?

Chris Bryant:  "It is possible.  Yeah, it is possible but being in my position, you kind of don't know until you get there.  You got to see strengths and weaknesses and everything like that.  Most people at my position, they usually redshirt.  It would only be a couple that play as true freshman."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've been to Pitt and now you've been back to Michigan, where do those two schools fit on your list?

Chris Bryant:  "I would say my top four would be Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, and Pitt right now.  Those are the four that I have taken my officials too.  So they're real cool and everything.  They on my top, I don't have a leader yet.  I'm Just trying to get to know these new coaches and everything like that.  The 28th (of January) it is going to down."

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