Rutgers Getting Visit From Florida Speedster

Rutgers always seems to have a few late surprises when it comes to the recruiting class, and this year is no different. A speedster from Florida is heading to Rutgers on an official visit, and he talked with about his recruitment, his leader and what schools are in the mix.

Rutgers built a reputation for being stellar on special teams, from blocking punts to returning kickoffs.

Now, the Scarlet Knights are in contention for one of the top returners and a speedy receiver in New Smyrna Beach (Fla.) High's Raheem Mostert.

The 5-foot-10, 180-pound Mostert will visit Rutgers the weekend of Jan. 28-30, giving the Scarlet Knights the last in-person contact with him before Feb. 2 signing day.

"They offered me Dec. 18," Mostert said. "I don't know a lot about them. I heard it was top in academics and APR (Academic Progress Rate). I've seen them play maybe one time."

Mostert is set for a busy last week of visits. He leaves Friday for a trip to Southern Miss, and may cram a mid-week visit to Indiana before heading to Rutgers in eight days.

"It's tiring," Mostert. "I'm getting kind of tired. I had four coaches come (Wednesday). Coach (George) O'Leary (of Central Florida) came, an Indiana coach came in, a Southern Miss coach came in and a Rutgers coach came in."

That comes after Mostert already made visits to Wake Forest and Purdue, the latter of which is his leader.

"I connected with them when I went on the visit," he said. "I also know people that are from my area that go there. I know them real well."

Mostert's recruiting exploded last month after he finished a remarkable senior season. He made 39 catches for 742 yards and seven scores, and he had 87 tackles while playing in the secondary.

However, he made his mark on special teams. He returned a staggering nine kickoffs for touchdowns, and also returned a punt for a score.

"It's blocking," Mostert said of his special teams success. "I like returning kicks a lot."

Speed doesn't hurt either, and Mostert said he runs a 4.39 (seconds) 40-yard dash.

But football is not the only thing on Mostert's agenda when it comes to selecting a school, which is why Rutgers is getting a visit. His sights are set higher than the common bachelor's degree.

"(Academics) are very important," he said. "That's my main key in choosing a school I want to go to. I want to get a Master's (degree) in business. I feel like I can get better than the average (person)."

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