Familiar Faces

Sixteen Ole Miss commitments spent the weekend in Oxford on official visits. Read their comments inside.

Justin Bell – Offensive Lineman – Jackson, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 8/27/10

Quotable: "This visit more than solidified my commitment. I've been 100 percent with Ole Miss since the summer. Now it's 400 percent. The highlight of my trip was bonding with my boys. Everybody from the state I've met in the past year is going here now. I'm just looking forward to playing with those guys."

Offers: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss
Chelarvez Brown – Defensive Back – Winona, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 6/12/10

Quotable: "It was a blast, man. We got a bunch of recruits coming in. We're going to win the SEC championship at Ole Miss. We're coming up live up there. We're gonna shock the world up there. Everybody's coming. We all had a blast."

Offers: Ole Miss, Mississippi State
Serderius Bryant – Linebacker – Seminole, Fla. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/4/10

Quotable: "It was everything I hoped it would be. I got to sit down with Coach (Tyrone) Nix and watch some film. We watched Joel Kight. He showed me how a little man like me and Joel can flourish in his defense. They really love my speed. They said that was the biggest thing they were looking for in their new guys. I'm going to be the fastest linebacker when I get there."

Offers: Ole Miss, Auburn, Cincinnati, FIU, Iowa State, UCF, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest
Senquez Golson – Cornerback – Pascagoula, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 6/21/10

Quotable: "It was good. I'm still the same. I didn't have too many questions, but it was the same as the first time I came -- the atmosphere is what kind of stands out about Ole Miss. We all kind of talked and bonded together. I know a couple of (the other recruits) will still take a couple of more visits, but I'm thinking we should all play together eventually."

Offers: Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State, Mississippi State, Southern Miss
Mitch Hall – Offensive Lineman – Russellville, Ark. - 2011
Commitment Date: 5/18/2010

Quotable: "Never thought about going anywhere else (than Ole Miss). It was really a lot of fun. My brother took me around and showed me the night life. I think this class is shaping up real good. I think that we have a lot of potential and can win a title."

Offers: Ole Miss, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina
Woodrow Hamilton – Defensive Lineman – Raleigh, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/21/10

Quotable: "Coach Nutt is like a father figure and a brother rolled up into one. That's the coolest man I've ever met in my life. Now I get to be coached by him. My favorite part was getting to see Tobias (Singleon), Nick (Brassell), Senquez, Justin, Aaron, Cody and Jermaine (Whitehead). It's been a while since we've all been together. It was a blast hanging out with them all weekend."

Offers: Ole Miss, Alabama, Memphis, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, UAB
Marcus Mayers – Linebacker – Taylorsville, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/19/10

Quotable: "I loved it. All I can say is I loved it. Got to meet some other commitments. We just had a good time. We're brothers now. That's all I can say. It's 100 percent Ole Miss. I'm going. Here I come."

Offers: Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Memphis, Mississippi State, Southern Miss
Maikhail Miller – Quarterback – Fulton, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/19/10

Quotable: "Just the people. I got to meet a lot of people around here. It was pretty cool chilling with them and stuff. It felt like home, being so close and knowing so many people. It was cool."

Offers: Ole Miss (greyshirt), Memphis, Southern Miss, UAB
Donte Moncrief – Wide Receiver – Raleigh, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/18/10

Quotable: "It was great. Everybody knows you. Everybody makes you feel like you're at home. I felt like I was with my family already. Hopefully I can get C.J. (Johnson) and Nick (Brassell) over here."

Offers: Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Southern Miss, UCLA
Collins Moore – Wide Receiver – Madison, Ala. - 2011
Commitment Date: 8/8/10

Quotable: "Some things came up in my meeting with Coach Nutt. I'm still committed, but I need to think about some things. I'll probably go somewhere this weekend so I can weigh my options."

Offers: Ole Miss, Illinois, Kentucky, Tulane, Vanderbilt
Aaron Morris – Offensive Lineman – Jackson, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 8/24/10

Quotable: Morris has yet to be reached for comment. However, sources indicate the three-star offensive lineman is solid in his commitment.

Offers: Ole Miss, Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn
Jamal Mosley – Tight End – Memphis, Tenn. (Northwest CC) - 2011
Commitment Date: 8/24/10

Quotable: "I only came on my official visit to help recruit. I want this to be the best class in the nation. I bonded with a lot of the guys this weekend and we were all real comfortable with each other. A lot of us feel like we are home. I'm 100 percent Ole Miss."

Offers: Ole Miss, Arkansas, Memphis, Texas A&M
Cody Prewitt – Defensive Back – Sylva Bay, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 6/9/10

Quotable: "I am really excited to get up there (to Ole Miss). I don't know how to explain it; it's just awesome up there. It has everything I want. I am so excited it is hard to put it into words. Tell everyone Hotty Toddy."

Offers: Ole Miss, Southern Miss
Tobias Singleton – Wide Receiver – Madison, Miss. - 2011
Commitment Date: 1/8/11

Quotable: "The visit went even better than anticipated. I met a lot of new friends up there and just chilled with them. I can't wait to play with all of my boys from Mississippi and put Ole Miss back on the map. We know we got all of the top prospects (from MS) coming here and we don't think there is another state that has better players than we do."

Offers: Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Miami (Fla.), Mississippi State, Oklahoma, UCLA
Kameron Wood – Defensive End – Birmingham, Ala. - 2011
Commitment Date: 8/13/10

Quotable: "Just getting to go to Coach Nutt's house and getting to know him as a person and not just as the coach is what stood out to me the most about my trip, He is just such a good person with a strong faith in the man above. That's important to me. This visit really did solidify my decision. It just feels like home."

Offers: Ole Miss, Arkansas, Memphis, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, UAB, Vanderbilt
T.J. Worthy – Wide Receiver – Gadsden, Ala. - 2011
Commitment Date: 7/21/10

Quotable: "During the summer, I already knew. I fell in love with all the coaches. I just love everybody here. It's like a family. Everywhere we went, everybody knew us. I just love it up here."

Offers: Ole Miss, Louisville, Tennessee, Memphis, Southern Miss
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