2012 Davis Close to Gamecock Offer

Calvert Hall junior cornerback Daquan Davis traveled down to South Carolina this weekend with several of his high school teammates. Davis says he is close to reeling in a Gamecock offer and talks about what he is looking for in a college program.

Calvert Hall junior cornerback Daquan Davis racked up over 40 tackles, picked off four passes, and helped his team to its first Metro Interscholastic Athletic Association A-Conference title this season. He also left a big impression at the US Army All-American Combines. It's no wonder schools like South Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt are beginning to turn their attention to this 2012 prospect but just what does he look for in a program?

"I just want to go where they love me and where I can stay four years and can get a degree. I don't care about wins. I want to go where they love me and play the game of football that I love. And if I get a degree, I will be happy."

After Davis' unofficial visit to South Carolina this weekend, he says the Gamecocks are close to offering.

"Well, I was talking to their recruiting coordinator and they like me, they have been evaluating me and I am just waiting to if they pull the trigger. Probably by next week I will hear."

"I love the atmosphere down there. It's not my first time visiting. I been there four or five times. Every time I go down there I feel that I am right at home. The coaches welcome me with open arms. This time I got invited to go to the basketball game and see the other side and how supportive the student body was."

The 5-foot-11, 165-pound corner said he is thankful to have the opportunity to visit various college campuses through Next Level Nation, a program that prepares prospects for the next level.

"We have been doing stuff like this since our sophomore year -- just traveling around the country having fun with my friends and getting to see things average kids don't get to see."

Next on the plate is a visit to Virginia, Connecticut and a spot in the Rutgers 7-on-7 competition with teammates Brandon Neverdon and Trevor Williams this February.

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