Quincy McKinney back from Columbia

Quincy McKinney, three-star offensive guard from Columbus-Carver, Ga., saw something different during his official visit to Columbia. The South Carolina commitment had plenty to say of his time on campus.

"The visit was the best trip I have been on since my recruitment began," said Quincy McKinney. "This was my third time to visit. The first time I went was for the showcase camp. That's when I met all the coaches for the first time, and saw the campus.

"The second time I went up there it was for the Alabama game during the season. I saw how Columbia was when they have a big college football game. That Alabama game was probably the biggest game in their history.

"Now this trip I got to chill with my future teammates. I saw how they interacted with each other and how I interacted with them. It was a great experience for me. I love it."

McKinney discussed spending time with several future teammates.

"It was a great experience to spend time with them," he said. "I socialized with a lot of the offensive linemen. I hung out with Damiere Byrd and Kyle Harris. Will Sport, Brandon Shell and I all hung out.

"My host was Ronald Patrick. He is real cool. He is more laid back. I am laid back. He was telling me about Coach Elliott and coach Spurrier. He showed me around Columbia."

The Georgia native talked of the highlights of the trip including the basketball game and spending time with well known stars.

"The main thing we did this weekend that stood out was we went to the basketball game against Kentucky," McKinney said. "I liked how the fans were into it. South Carolina isn't a great team, but the fans were cheering like crazy. If they are doing that during the basketball game I know what it will be like for football. I know the crowd will be real live.

"Another thing that really stood out to me is that I already fit in with the players. They are really easy to get along with. I spoke to Marcus Lattimore. He is one of the most important players on the team. He is real down-to-earth. He told me he is glad I committed to us. I can block for them. I went to a few other schools, and the star players act like they are too good for you."

McKinney spent a little bit of time with head coach Steve Spurrier.

"I didn't get much one-on-one time with coach Spurrier, but before I left he told me he can't wait for me to come up," he stated. "Once I visited I found out I am one of the shortest linemen coming in. I will definitely play guard. He wants me to keep conditioning during the off-season until I come up there in June."

The 6-foot-3, 298-pound prospect comes from a winning program, and continuing the tradition helped lead McKinney to his decision.

"I had about four schools I was really considering before I made my decision," said McKinney. "They were South Carolina, Southern Miss, Mississippi State and Rutgers. I wanted to be on a winning team. Being at Carver we lost six games in three years. I need to win. That was my main thing football-wise.

"I don't want to be that far away from my mom. Columbia is only about five hours away. I didn't want to go up north because it was too cold. I want to go against competition. The SEC is the best competition in college football. South Carolina is up-and-coming in being a premier football team in the country.

"Academic-wise, they built a new academic center. It will help players want to study more and graduate. Coach Spurrier wants his players to graduate. That's my main thing for college is to graduate. That made me fall in love. I love the stadium. I love driving up on the street and seeing the stadium to the right. I love that view."

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