Arlington Martin Coach Talks Russell Bellomy

Bob Wager, Head Coach and Athletic Director of Martin High School in Arlington, Texas, took time out to catch up with GoBlueWolverine about Michigan's new quarterback commitment Russell Bellomy. Read on to get the latest.

Russell Bellomy, a 6'3" 185 pound quarterback from Arlington (TX), recently switched his verbal commitment from the Purdue Boilermakers to a conference rival in the Michigan Wolverines.

Bellomy's head coach and athletic director, Bob Wager, of Martin High School, took the time to catch up with GoBlueWolverine about his quarterback and his abilities both on and off the field.

"He's a 4.0 GPA academically and 1100 plus on his SAT, so he's an outstanding student," Wager told GBW. "He's done a masterful job of maintaining the balance of being a student-athlete. He's a team captain, as voted by his teammates, which I think is one of the great honors you can have. I think he's going to make the team better and the campus better the moment he steps on because of the type of person he is."

All of those abilities that Bellomy carries with him off the field have led him to the position he's in on the field, fielding offers from across the country before ultimately settling on the Wolverines.

"Again, you have to start with his aptitude," Wager said. "Anytime you're talking about a student who's a 4.0 GPA, and I think the best indicator of that is the past couple of years, just throwing the ball, he's upwards of 30 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He takes care of the ball and has a great understanding of not only what he's doing but what everyone else is doing around him. Should that all break down he has the athleticism to not only out run you, but also the ability to make you miss. Especially at 6'4", he's surprisingly elusive and you have that aspect from an athletic standpoint. But at the same time, while Russell has spent the majority of the time under center and in the shotgun making multiple reads in the run and pass game. Early on in his career he was predominantly under center in two and three back sets. I think that created a toughness in Russell so he's just happy to throw a block as he is a touchdown."

Bellomy had been committed for quite some time to Purdue. When Brady Hoke took over the Michigan program and there was the departure of Tate Forcier, a quarterback was needed in this class ... Hoke saw an opportunity and Bellomy agreed.

"In Russell's words, Michigan was one of his absolute dream school," Wager explained. "I think certainly anytime you go up to that environment, even here in the great state of Texas, we recognize the fact that Michigan is one of the premiere football traditions in all of college football and I'm sure that had a profound impact to have an opportunity to go up and visit Ann Arbor."

In the end, the Wolverines won over Bellomy and the rest of his family as he tripped to Michigan unofficially earlier in the week. That's what it took to settle on the Wolverine's and their opportunity and Wager agrees.

"Well I think the first thing you have to look at, is Russell has been raised very well by both his mom and his dad. Certainly we've had at length discussions about what it is to make a commitment. There was never a moment where he did not take that into consideration and certainly didn't make that commitment lightly. Ultimately, this was an opportunity that Russell and his family felt like was the best possible situation for him, not only from a football standpoint but in regards to his future. I think it was an agonizing decision, but at the end of the day this is what the Bellomy's feel is best for them and their son. That's the direction they went in."

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