It's Down to USF & Wake for QB Kevin Sousa

With signing day just a week away, Lake Nona's Kevin Sousa, a 6'3, 225 pound quarterback prospect that's currently a Wake Forest commit took an unofficial to USF this weekend. After a great visit, the 3-star prospect, rated No. 46 will choose between the Decons and the Bulls. read on for all the details

USF only hosted one recruit this weekend and that was Lake Nona's Kevin Sousa, a Wake Forest commit who came in on an un-official visit to check out what Skip Holtz and the Bulls had to offer

The 6-foot-3, 225 pound 3-star QB that's rated No. 46 by has been committed to Wake, but was considering Miami, which he visited last weekend, and USF. But after a great visit in Tampa, is down to a final two.

"It's down to USF and Wake," "said his coach Anthony Paradiso.

"It was a real good visit, said his coach Anthony Paradiso. "He had a real good time with the coaches and the players, and the facilities are just unbelievable. We contacted the coaches from Miami, and told them we're not even considering them any longer, and it will come down South Florida and USF."

"More so the biggest thing with Kevin is relationships, he built a relationship with the Wake staff, and Coach Fitch and USF have been recruiting Kevin before Wake was since last march. He's developed a great relationship with Coach Fitch, Coach Holtz and the staff over at South Florida.

After already taking five officials, this weekend had to be an unofficial visit for Sousa, but that .

"We did everything a recruit would do on a normal official visit weekend. We got to see the facilities again, got an academic tour, got to watch highlights. We got to sit with the coaches watched football, talked football. We got to meet with the equipment guy and see all the gear they get, the jerseys, and all that good stuff. He also got to sit with Coach Holtz and that went well. We went out to dinner, and of course we had to pay for it because it was an un-official, but everything else was the same things you would do on a regular visit.."

During the weekend, the standout quarterback prospect was paired up with Bulls QB B.J. Daniels.

"They hooked him up with quarterback B.J. Daniels, he spent a lot of time with B.J., and that went well," said Paradiso. "He's met B.J. before and feels very comfortable with that situation.He told me he sse's B.J. as someone who would probably mentor him. He met a lot of the other players and felt very comfortable with all of them."

The Lake Nona standout had an opportunity to really sit down with the USF staff

"Coach Holtz thinks that Kevin has the total package to come in there and compete," said Paradiso. "He athletic, he's big, he can make the throws, he can drop back, he can go north and south, and get out of the pocket and create things. The biggest thing is what coach Holtz said going back to the summer was that was about the character of Kevin. The smile he has, how he carries himself, and his work ethic he has. Coach said he likes all those traits and can see him being a team leader."

"He got to sit down with QB coach Peter Vaas, he's sat down with offensive coordinator Todd Fitch, went over the offense, Xs and Os all those things," said Paradiso. "I think they were impressed with how much Kevin absorbed and grasped in such a short period of time."

Sousa and Paradiso have been to USF many times, but this time got to really see the facilities, and all the upgrades that USF is currently going through, and was very impressed.

"USF has beautiful facilities, the weight room and new practice fields, it's beautiful what they've done," said Paradiso. "Being at the university Miami the week prior, Miami has great tradition, but the facilities at South Florida stack up with any program in the state of Florida. We've been to every major school in the state, and South Florida is one of the top ones. Coach Holtz also has plans on building an indoor facility and once they do that, they'll probably be the number one in the state."

Even though they've seen much of USF already, there were some new things that they got to learn

"Just getting a chance to see the new practice fields, they weren't built when we were last there," said Paradiso. "We saw all the facilities before and met the coaches, but this time he really got to be around the players, and see how excited they are about the program. Just seeing the new practice facility and everything they've done, and what Coach Holtz's vision is to continue to make that nicer, that was probably the number one thing."

"One of the other biggest things is that they are close to home, that's an advantage no one else has," said Paradiso. "It gave us the opportunity to see a lot of them, and .

Paradiso said what the deciding factors will come down to in making a choice.

"From the beginning we said that it's all about the relationships he developed with the staff and the players, when coming down to making a decision," said Paradiso. "Right now it's going to be between Wake and USF, and sometime later today we're going to really sit down and talk about it. We have all the information we need, and now will sit down and see what situation works best for him, and makes him feel the best. Hopefully have a decision made by tomorrow."

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