Cyrus Turns to Fans

The nation's No. 2 recruit turns to Facebook fans for his final decision. FOX Sports' Kristen Kenney talks to Jean-Claude Kouandjio about his son's decision to Roll Tide.

The nation's No. 2 recruit Cyrus Kouandjio announced on national television on Signing Day that he will play at Auburn. Moments after that announcement, Kouandjio expressed his doubts.

"There's doubt in my mind," Kouandjio said in an interview with his family. "There's still a little bit of questioning in my mind. I have the time, but for right now: Auburn. . . . We'll see."

Saturday, the 6-foot-7, 320-pound offensive tackle from DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md) has decided to join his brother Arie at Alabama. His brother announced his decision on Twitter.

"After much consideration, my brother has decided to take his talent to the University of Alabama Looks like my lil' bro is going to roll ...", Arie announced on his Twitter account.

"I just want to tell you that two hours ago Cyrus decided to fax in his paper work and he decided to go to Alabama," said his father Jean-Claude Kouandjio.

Kouandjio turned to his fan support on Facebook to help guide him in the right direction, Jean-Claude said.

"So, now where do you turn to?" he said. "He turned to Facebook. He had about 3,500 messages in two days. So it was overwhelming. He told me, 'You know what? Even though I wasn't sure, I got my fans to help me make my choice. The decision of people who want me to go to Alabama is overwhelming.'"

As for the switch, Kouandjio's father said the short gap between his last official visit to Auburn and National Signing Day, did not give the family enough time to discuss his final decision.

"He came back from Auburn two days prior to his announcement. We didn't have enough room as to sit down and check and balance with the previous visit. It was wrong to choose Auburn because they treated him so well but when he came back, you know, in an American family, they sit down and say 'Ok, we think you should go here or there.' But we don't have expertise as being immigrants we don't know a lot of football so we can't help him so much. So the last push to make a full decision didn't happen. This last visit in his mind had come over everything but right after he chose it, he knew he wasn't ready. He is only 17. He has too much pressure. He didn't know if he made a good decision. That's the most important decision of his life."

Now that the saga is over, the Kouandjio family certainly feels a sense of relief and can look forward to the next chapter.

"We know that Alabama has the structure that he needs to become the person he wants to be. So for me, I have no doubts. It's wonderful. So I can be happy."

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