Desper Anxious for Senior Year

Madison Central made it back to the North State finals for the third year in a row. Sadly, offensive lineman Devon Desper watched most of the second half of the season from the sidelines due to an injury. To say Devon is ready to get back on the field is putting it mildly. Despite missing some time last year, college recruiters are well aware of Desper and his talents.

Devon Desper profile

"I am getting mail from Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Colorado, Arkansas and a few others, but those are the main ones," said Devon. "I am going over to Alabama for their junior day on the 19th.

"I missed Ole Miss' junior day, but I am going to make another one and I am going to go to a few others. Right now the only one I know for sure is Alabama."

At nearly 6-5, 295 Desper may have some options position wise on the offensive line.

"I think it really all depends," said Devon. "I could play tackle of guard. I am not sure I am going to have the size to play tackle in college, but I know I can play guard.

"I would like to play center if I could."

This spring Desper will be one of the players that the younger players look to for an example on and off the field.

Devon is aware of the responsibilities of becoming a senior and he accepts them willingly.

"I am going to have to be more of a team leader this year," said Desper. "I am going to go out and play as hard as I can and do all I can to help the team get better everyday."

When decision time comes, Devon is going to spend a lot of time looking at depth charts.

"I want to go to a school that needs me," said Desper. "I want a chance to play early.

"I want to play on a good team and I would like to stay somewhere in the southeast. I don't have to stay too close to home, but I don't want to get too far away either."

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