Predicting The Future

With the ink starting to dry from the letters-of-intent from around the country, we take a look into the future four years from now to see exactly who will be the nation's best, what teams to watch, and how some of the sleeper teams picked up their top talent.

Heisman winner - Kiehl Frazier, Auburn
Though scheduled to be given to the top college football performer every year, quite often it defaults to the best player of the best team in football. Though Auburn fell out of the #1 spot on Scout, the class overall is very talented and Frazier will enter a situation at Auburn where he has a great shot to play early for the Tigers. His physical stature leads him to be able to play early in an offense where he can run the ball more than have to read the secondary.

Best running back - Malcolm Brown, Texas
How hard is it to believe that Brown is the first five-star running back that Texas has ever signed? Given how talented the Longhorns have always been, regardless of the record last season, the Longhorns will be back and they could

Trey Metoyer
Greg Powers,
be riding the back of the broad-shouldered Brown. For as much as Adrian Peterson meant to Oklahoma, Brown could mean to Texas in the Red River Rivalry.

Best receiver - Trey Metoyer, Oklahoma
Metoyer may not be a burner on film, but what he brings to the field translates very well to a spread offense - hands, range, and routes. Metoyer showed at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that he has the strength to go against bigger cornerbacks to get off the line of scrimmage and he has the agility to make great cuts on his routes to get separation against smaller defensive backs.

Best offensive lineman - Jake Fisher, Oregon
Imagine the grueling off-season rigor of the Oregon offensive linemen and the tempo at which they have to work during the course of a game for the Ducks. Now image a 6-foot-7, 280 pound high school player who has the tenacity on film to jump in early for a running team that made it to the national championship game.

Best defensive lineman - Ray Drew, Georgia
Drew's play is reminiscent of former Georgia high school player, and current Miami defensive lineman, Allen Bailey. Very long arms, great movement upfield when he wants to, and seemingly unmoved at the point of attack. If he gets the coaching needed, Drew could easily be a high first round draft pick.

Best linebacker - Steve Edmond, Texas
Not sure anybody in this class has shown he is able to move through the trash as well as Edmond. His natural instincts are excellent and quickly can diagnose running plays reading the guards very well. Expect him to come in to Texas and push for early playing time, possibly on special teams, and become the next dominant Texas linebacker.

Jadeveon Clowney
Miller Safrit,
Best defensive back - Jonathan Rose, Auburn
Rose is the type of taller cornerback who can thrive in the SEC. Think Patrick Peterson at LSU big. Dre Kirkpatrick at Alabama big. He has the work ethic in the weightroom to continue to improve his hips, but his ball awareness and size, along with Auburn's defensive backfield play this year, lend him to being an early player and multi-year starter.

#1 overall draft pick - Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina
Dismiss the college team, Clowney is the type of player who will have the NFL scouts wanting to see how his college play translates to the NFL level. The only question could be whether he is playing a defensive end position or outside linebacker spot with the cyclical defensive patterns in the league. Of course the same could be said if Clowney picks Alabama or Clemson or the Gamecocks.

NFL Combine riser - Jimmy Bean, Oklahoma State
Bean is not the type of player whose physical attributes really translate to the field just yet. Long arms, excellent athleticism, and a body that looks like it could easily grow into one of the nation's best physiques, Bean seems to be the player who does not quite live up to his potential until after college. Going out on a limb and saying he is taken in the first three rounds of the NFL draft.

NCAA championship - Auburn vs Texas
Ohio State could just as easily make it into this category as well with the talent they are bringing in, but the classes of Auburn and Texas should easily see the field very early and become such a cohesive unit that four years from now it is one of the best battles possible. Senior quarterback Kiehl Frazier against junior quarterback Connor Brewer.

Jimmy Laughrea
Scott Kennedy,
Both players fit the Boise creed perfectly. They both just enough things really, really well. Renaud is an attacking linebacker in the box and makes a lot of lower body tackles, but as he continues to grow he will become one of the top linebackers in the country. Laughrea is lacking in arm strength, size, and speed, but his passes are right on the money, he can hit the passing window every time, and he makes great reads from the pocket. Neither will play early, but three years from now they will hit the field and highlights around the country.

Frank Beamer special - Michael Cole
Lunch pail mentality? Check. Loves to play special teams? Check. Could be either a safety or linebacker? Check. Exactly the type of player that shows up at Virginia Tech and becomes an All-Conference player and team captain at the college level. Once he gets used to the speed of the college game, coming from one of the smaller schools in Virginia, he will be a special teams force.

Team on the rise - Clemson Tigers
Based on their recruiting successes over the years, Clemson has been a team not he rise for quite some time. A change during the 2009 season and a 6-7 record during the 2010 season, despite multiple first-round draft picks on the roster, has people wondering where the success will come from. It should start with this class as two of the biggest holes will be filled with immediate impact players at wide receiver and linebacker. Expect Stephone Anthony, Sammy Watkins, Mike Bellamy, and Charone Peake to all play early for the Tigers. Though they will play like freshmen at first, the Tigers have the type of class at every position that could be a top ten team in four years.

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