Centerville Prospects On the Rise

Centerville High is a good place for colleges to go these days. The team has multiple Division-1 prospects. talked to head coach Ron Ullery about his talented team.

Centerville High has always been a place for good football. One of their most notable alums, A.J. Hawk is now a Super Bowl champion and the Elks have several prospects this year who could follow in his footsteps.

Currently, the most notable is defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo, a 6-4, 210-lb athletic pass rusher who has seen a recent spike in his recruitment.

Head coach Ron Ullery says as soon as Signing Day ended and teams saw the tape, the offers have flooded in. Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, and most recently Ohio State are among the schools who have offered.

"He has great physical tools," Ullery said. "He has a great frame. He's going to grow and have good weight on him. What he has is speed; speed off edge and change of direction, and it's explosive speed. The last game of the year when Wayne beat us in double overtime, he was the only guy I saw on film all year chase down Braxton Miller and he did it two, three, maybe four times."

Odenigbo has only played football for two years, but his track background has helped him pick up the game fast. What schools also like is that he is a fantastic student and Ullery believes academics will be factor.

"Some of the schools he talks about the most are highly thought of academically," he explained.

What won't necessarily be a factor is his friendship with Michael Bennett, the star of the Elks' 2011 class, who is off to Ohio State. The two are best friends, but Ullery expects more guidance than influence.

"Mike's such a good person. I talked to Mike this afternoon about it, in fact, and he said he'd love to see him go to Ohio State, but he's not the type to bug him about it. It's about going through the process and he wants to make sure he looks at everything, takes visits to the schools he really likes and makes a decision in his own best interest. That's just the type of person Mike is."

Odenigbo is not the only big time player on the roster though. Offensive lineman Benny McGowan currently holds offers from Toledo and Bowling Green.

"Well, he's 6-3 1/2, 300-lbs, and vertical jumps 26-27 inches when we test," Ullery says. "He runs well, moves laterally well, plays really low. He's a big guy, comes out with a flat back, plays with great leverage. He's a tough physical kid, has a 3.6, 3.7 GPA."

Toughness was key last year, as McGowan gritted his way through an injury plagued season.

"He played all of last year with an ankle injury and never missed a practice or game. It was a pretty substantial ankle injury that he played the first half of season with and still played really really well. He's a tough kid. A very tough kid and a very good offensive lineman."

Ullery says many schools are ready to move on McGowan, but he is not ready to count those until they are official, but he is confident he will see the interest continue to rise.

He hopes the interest will rise in free safety Jay Mastin, who Ullery calls the sleeper of the squad.

"He's 6-1, 200-lbs and he's our free safety. We play a 4-2, where he's always our leading tackler, the free safety always is. When we play a running team or a running quarterback, we put him up in the box. He's a good tackler, good alley fill, and he can play deep zones against spread teams. He's probably an outside safety or WILL type guy, but he can play quarters coverage and run support. That's more suited to him."

Of course, the cupboard is never bare and there are more kids coming up the pipeline, including another offensive lineman who should have everyone coming back.

"Evan Lisle is the one that jumps out at everyone. He's 6-5, 260-lbs. He plays offensive line-defensive line, but projects as an offensive lineman. He has long arms. He's a strong kid. He's going to be good. He's a sophomore now, he'll be a junior year. He'll be really good. I think he'll be at Benny's level or higher."

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