Ohio Sophomore Lands First Offer

One of Ohio's top 2013 prospects is Argeros Turner, of Copley, and he has put up eye-popping numbers over the past two seasons. A starter since his freshman season, Turner is now drawing recruiting attention, even though he still has two high school seasons remaining.

Remember the name Argeros Turner, because the Copley (OH) tailback is one of the top prospects in Ohio for the class of 2013. Turner put up huge rushing numbers the past two seasons, and college recruiters have certainly noticed.

"I came home from basketball tonight, and my football coach gave me the number of a coach from Illinois, and asked me to call him," Turner began. "When I called him, he told me that he was offering me a full scholarship to play football for Illinois. That's my first offer."

"I was feeling really tired after basketball, but after talking to the coach, I don't want to go to sleep right now," he added. "This is such a great feeling, and it's a day I've always dreamed of. I don't know too much about the Illinois program, but I sure plan on learning as much as I can."

Turner, who started turning heads as a sophomore starter, has rushed for over 1,100 yards each of his first two varsity seasons. He is also an elite sprinter on the Copley track team.

"Illinois said they want me as a tailback, which is great, but I will play anywhere my coaches want me to," he admitted. "I think that's my best position, and I would prefer it. I weight around 170-pounds right now, and I'm working out to get bigger."

"This offer really makes me want to work harder, and get better," he continued. "I really don't have a favorite list, and I like a lot of different schools right now. I can definitely see myself going out of state for college, and distance won't really matter to me."

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