Talented DB Takes Another Visit To Auburn

Cornerback prospect Josh Holsey talks about his visit to Auburn this week and gives his thoughts on recruiting.

Fairburn, Ga.--A visitor to Auburn unofficially less than three weeks ago, Creekside cornerback Josh Holsey made another trip to the Plains on Thursday and Friday to see the Tigers and spend some time getting to know more about the program. After two days of seeing coach Gene Chizik's program the 5-9 corner said the Tigers are still the team to beat at the moment.

"They (Auburn) are still my leader right now," Holsey said. "Who knows somebody else could probably jump up there. You never know.

"It's a good school," he added. "It's the one I have visited the most. I'm always down there so they have to be in the lead. When I start taking visits we'll see if it changes or not."

With a visit to Virginia Tech next weekend and recent offers from Ole Miss and South Carolina making 10 offers for the speedy cornerback, Holsey said at the moment he doesn't have any plans to make a decision and is just taking his time.

"I still don't know yet," Holsey said. "I'm still out there just looking and waiting to find that perfect school.

"All my schools are still in it," he added. "I have like 10 offers now and I'm interested in all of them right now."

While he admits everyone is still in the running, there is no question that Auburn is very high on the list for Holsey. With his mom on the visit with him and having the chance to spend time with players and coaches, he said he liked everything about his trip.

"I had a great time," Holsey said. "I came in yesterday about 5:30 or 6. I went out with some of the players, stayed with some of the players like Chris Davis, Jonathan Mincy and Demetruce McNeal. They showed me around. It was just a good experience again to be down to Auburn."

Even though the coaches and the program are big selling points for a school and football program, Holsey said talking with the players is one of the things he enjoys the most because he gets a true feel for what a school is like.

"It's big to see what the players actually think," Holsey said. "That's the real impact to see. It's not really about the coach. It's about what the players think and how they feel about the whole environment and everything. It was really good to hang around them and everything.

"They said it was a great school. They said if you come, it's like family. They don't just throw the word around. It's for real. You're going to be family around here. They said it's a really nice school to come to."

In addition to hanging out with the players Holsey got to see them in action as the Tigers practiced for the second time in the spring. Watching the action and seeing things up close gave him a better feel for what to expect he said.

"They do practice very well," Holsey said. "It's like a regular practice. I thought it was going to be a hardcore type, but I think I could play in that type of practice and this type of thing.

"They are like the same size as me," he said of the defensive backs. "I figured they would be bigger. They don't have that many corners so I figure if I go there and work I can probably play there. I don't really know yet. I'm just waiting to see."

With a good feel for Auburn and several more schools he's yet to see Holsey said that he just wants to take his time and make the right decision and that only comes from knowledge.

"I just want to get out there and see what everybody has to offer for me and see if I can fit in their schemes," Holsey said. "That's about it for right now. I'm going to get out there and visit some campuses and talk to coaches."

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