TJ Davis Looking for Home

Tallahassee Godby defensive back TJ Davis was a visitor Saturday for Georgia Tech's first spring scrimmage. TJ already holds 25 verbal offers including one from Georgia Tech.

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TJ was very impressed with his visit today. He had his first chance to talk with Coach Johnson today and he came away impressed with Tech's head coach. "It was great. I really enjoyed my time up there watching the team go through practice. I came away very impressed with the football team and the school."

"I talked with Coach Paul Johnson and he told me that he really liked the film they have on me and that my footwork stood out to him. Johnson is looking forward to seeing him play in pads. "I received an offer from them which brings my total to around 24 or 25 offers."

Davis liked what he saw from Coach Johnson."I like him a lot. He's a great coach and lets you know exactly where you stand with him. He doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you how it is. That is something that is very refreshing."

The visit to Georgia Tech was a favorable one in T.J.'s eyes. "I like them a lot and I am definitely coming back again to visit the school and talk more with the coaches. I want to talk with my recruiting coach, Coach Todd Spencer and talk more with my position coach, Coach Charles Kelly. Judging by today, I know Tech has a great staff."

Davis is looking at taking a few more trips following his visit to Georgia Tech. "I am trying to set up something with Auburn and LSU. I will most likely be visiting them very soon."

Davis has a list of five schools that are recruiting him the hardest. "Georgia Tech, LSU, Clemson, Auburn, and Ohio State are the ones I'm hearing from the most."

T.J. is not ready to name any leaders. ""Right now I consider myself wide open. It is too early to pin point any schools as leaders. I am keeping my options open right now."

Davis only has one thing in mind in choosing a school. "Basically it will come down to which school I get that feeling that it feels like home. All the other stuff like playing time distance from home, which conference the school is in really will not play a factor. I just want to feel real comfortable at the school and feel like I am with family when I am around my teammates."

T.J. has not set a specific time to make that decision. "I'll know when it is time. Once I get that feeling I'll know it is time to announce my school."

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