Ross Martin has Choices

Walsh Jesuit HS (OH) junior Ross Martin has already picked up 4 offers from schools in the Midwest. In the past couple of months, interest has even picked up for the kicker's services. Check out what other schools are on his radar.

2012 kicker Ross Martin is known for his ability to handle pressure, being consistent and not letting anything affect his kicks; and schools have taken note of that. Check out how he breaks down the schools that have already offered him:

Pittsburgh: "They were the first to offer me. I really love the coaching staff there. I visited with my mom and dad. Obviously, with the staff coming from Tulsa, they would be a pretty explosive team to watch, especially for me being a kicker. I'm going to their spring game this Saturday."

Iowa State: "I haven't met with them in person yet. Coach Rhoads offered me over the phone. Hopefully I can make it to a spring practice. I've been talking to Coach Caley. They seem like an up-and-coming team."

Harvard: "I've been talking with Coach Lamb a lot. They sent me a Letter of Support for admission. They've also told me that I'd be their number one kicker. I'm very interested in going to a school with great academics as well as football; so, they'd be a great fit. I'm going to visit them in a couple of weeks."

Kent State: "Coach Hazel is a really cool guy. I knew him from back when he was at Ohio State. I'm going back this week to catch a spring practice."

But those are not the only schools on the kicker's radar.

"I've been talking to Ohio State, Northwestern, Duke, California-Berkley, Stanford, Florida and Purdue, as well as schools from all of the BCS conferences," said Martin. "I'm just exploring my options. A lot of them said they want to see me in person at their summer camps and talk with me."

He already plans on attending camps at Ohio State, Northwestern, Cal-Berkley, Florida and Notre Dame. He also has taken in some spring practices.

"Last Thursday I was at Ohio State for their spring practice. There I met with Coach Tressel. I was also at Florida for a spring practice."

The junior would ideally like to commit before his senior season begins, but is not holding it to a date.

"I'll see how the summer camps go."

What will help him determine where that place will be?

"Just wherever I feel the most comfortable, where I can see myself. I'd like to have early playing time and a good relationship with the Coach. I also want to get a good education and earn my degree."

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