2013 Prospect Donovan Munger

Division-I college coaches will readily admit that one of the toughest positions to recruit is defensive tackle, and a true star at that position is the hardest player to find. One of the top 2013 prospects in Ohio is Donovan Munger, and the Shaker Heights defensive tackle has impressed at three separate combines this year.

One of the top prospects in Ohio for 2013 is Shaker Heights defensive tackle Donovan Munger, and he is turning heads with his impressive play on the field, and in recent combine appearances.

Munger, 6-foot-3, 275-pounds, has stood out as a player to watch in both Raw Talent Sports combines and at the Michigan Football Showcase. His play on the field last year as a sophomore was also impressive.

"I've done well at every combine I've been to this year, and I see myself getting more confident," Munger said of his performances. "My footwork is a lot better and that helps me do more things against the offensive lineman I'm going against."

"I'm coming off the ball quicker than ever too," he continued. "I've always been a player that came off the ball well because of my quickness, but now that my footwork and technique is better, I'm a lot better player. I played both sides of the ball last year, but I like defense better because I love hitting people, especially quarterbacks."

Even though he is looked at as a player to watch in his class, Munger is not satisfied with where he is as a player and he is working to be better as a junior in 2011.

"I'm out here working out all the time and I will go to any camp or combine I can get to, because I know I need to get a lot better to play football in college," he admitted. "I'm working really hard on using my hands better right now, and that is something college coaches will be looking at."

College football recruiters have taken notice of Munger's ability, and he plans on going on the Raw Talent bus tour this coming summer, where he will showcase his talent in front of nearly 20 schools.

"I definitely want to play college football some day and a lot of them have contacted my coach looking for film," Munger explained. "I love Ohio State and I know they're interested and want to see me in camp. I will be there next summer and I'm excited about showing them what I can do on the field."

"I also like Michigan State a lot and really like their coaching staff," he said. "I really like all the Big Ten schools, as well as Tennessee and West Virginia. I'm just looking for that first offer, and that's why I'm so dedicated on the field and in the classroom. Playing college football is my dream right now."

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