Pa. Fullback Visits RU, Will Return For Camp

With the move back to a pro-style offense, Rutgers is recruiting a fullback for the 2012 class. One was on campus last week to take in a practice, and he said he will return to campus in June to camp at Rutgers. Find out what else is going on with the player, and who else is recruiting him.

Rutgers' long-term commitment to the pro-style offensive is showing up more and more in recruiting, particularly as it pertains to recruiting big receivers and fullbacks.

Last week Parkland High (Allentown, Pa.) fullback Rob Dvoracek made an unofficial visit to campus to watch a practice, and see how he could fit into the Scarlet Knights' offense.

"It looked chaotic to me because I don't know what's going on with everyone running around, but I thought it was pretty good," the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Dvoracek said." I saw they were running the ball with the fullback (as the lead blocker). The kid who they had in there (Marcus Thompson) could definitely run. He was pretty good. He's a big kid."

After watching Tuesday's practice, Dvoracek believes he can fit into the offensive system Rutgers is employing, and also do what offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti is asking the fullback to do.

"I can catch the ball and get out of the backfield, and run the ball and block," he said. "I think that' something I could definitely do."

As it relates to Rutgers, Dvoracek isn't a late comer in the process. In fact, he's been recruited by Rutgers for a while.

"I've been talking to them since the beginning of the (2010) season," he said. "It was mostly (assistant) coach (Bob) Fraser, until (assistant) coach (Brian) Angelichio got there. Now, it's been mostly him."

Dvoracek is also being recruited by Penn State, Colorado, Maryland and Michigan State, and he holds an offer from Temple.

"I went down (to Temple) for spring practice and walked around campus, met all the coaches and stuff like that," he said. "I liked it down there. I liked the campus, even though when you go out of campus it's a little rough area. On campus, it's really nice, and the facilities are nice down there, too."

Durng the spring evaluation Dvoracek will try to showcase his ability, but his real proving ground will come during the June camp circuit, where he will be active.

"I'm definitely going to Rutgers' camp, and Maryland's camp," Dvoracek said. "I think I'm going to go to Penn State, UConn, and then I think West Virginia."

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