Nebraska coaches at high school

It wasn't but only two days ago that Alec Davison was on the sidelines of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebr. ready to watch the spring game. Then, today, the Nebraska staff was in Sugar Land (Texas) Clements to see Davison. Could the Huskers be close to making an offer to this Texas LB?

There were a good number of visitors in Lincoln this past weekend and one of the recruits was Alec Davison. Davison a linebacker from Sugar Land (Texas) Clements was in Lincoln for parts of three days.

"We got up there on Friday and stayed through Sunday. On Friday I had dinner with the coaches and some of the recruits. There were some players there too.

"On Saturday I got there about 9:00 and I toured the facility. We had lunch then did some more touring and then I went into the linebacker meetings.

"During the pre-game we went out onto the field and watched them warm up. We watched the game from the stands and then we ate with the team after the game."

The Nebraska staff and Davison have been in frequent contact with one another. In fact, the Nebraska staff came by Clements High School today and saw Davison.

"I have talked to all of the coaches at Nebraska a lot. The recruiting coach was actually down to see me today. I have had close contact with me. I am hoping there is an offer coming from Nebraska soon."

Davison could be recruited to play either inside or outside at the next level, but he believes that he would fit in better as an outside linebacker in Lincoln. He believes that his 4.4 speed will help him out on the outside.

"I think that I would be an outside linebacker at Nebraska or that is what they are recruiting me as. I think that I have good speed and instincts that will help me at the next level.

"I like to pass rush and support the run as a linebacker. I would say that I am a strong pass rusher, but I sniff out the run pretty well from my linebacker spot."

Davison will be back up in Lincoln for camp during the first session. He has already made the rounds to a lot of schools and is now going to return to attend camp and try and pick up an offer.

"I am going to go to camp at Nebraska. I think that I will be there the session from June 7th to June 9th. I won't make any other trips, but I will hit camps.

"So besides Nebraska I will go to camp at Texas A&M, Rice, maybe Baylor, Harvard and possibly Texas Tech. There are some other schools that I will consider camping at too."

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