Harding Harper with two

Harding Harper, linebacker from Montgomery-Carver, Ala., is a name starting to emerge this spring. Harper transferred schools at the beginning of the year with several schools visiting at the new location. Two programs have extended scholarship offers.

"I have offers from Georgia Tech and Arkansas State," said Harding Harper. "Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Houston, Ole Miss, Vandy and a couple more schools are showing interest.

"Coach Boulware from Auburn visited me today. He was talking to me about camps and stuff like that. He wants to see me perform. He is going to come back for our spring game or one of our practices. We put on the pads next week."

Another SEC school will visit Harper on Wednesday.

"Tennessee said they are going to visit tomorrow and talk to me," he said. "Right now I think the schools closest to offering and the ones I have the most contact with is Auburn, Memphis and South Alabama.

"I just recently talked to South Alabama. They didn't know I had transferred. Once I get to meet them they should have an offer on the table."

The schools at the top of Harper's list include Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn and Georgia Tech. He has an out-of-state favorite.

"Ole Miss is my No. 1 school," said Harper. "I grew up watching them. I love how they play. They really got my attention when Patrick Willis played there. I wanted to play that same middle linebacker position, but now I play on the outside. I like their team and scheme."

Harper also talked about his interest in the two in-state SEC schools.

"What drew my attention to Alabama is how physical they play," he said. "Their linebackers are physical. I am a physical guy. If someone is more physical than me something is wrong. They just always caught my attention with how physical they are. I love their 3-4 defense.

"What I like about Auburn is the location. I grew up an Alabama fan, but something about Auburn always caught my attention. I watched guys like Tray Blackman and Josh Bynes. I like their coaching staff. I have talked to coach Thigpen a good bit."

The 6-foot-2, 218-pound prospect shared of his interest in Georgia Tech.

"They have a great academic program," said Harper. "They are a prestigious academic program. Academics come first. They have great facilities, great coaching staff and a good overall team. I like the entire package up there."

Harper is hoping for more scholarship offers this spring and does not plan to wait until February to make a decision.

"I really want to make an early decision," he stated. "I am not saying I can't wait, but I know schools offer scholarships to more than just me. I know you can only give out a certain amount of scholarships. I would like to commit early and try to get there for spring ball."

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