Intro: Devon Miller

Devon Miller, a 2012 prospect from Riverdale, Ga., is a cornerback with legitimate 4.49 speed. During the last two seasons he has been one of the top players for a startup program, Charles Drew High School. The coaching staff has plans to extend his role for the upcoming season. If all goes as planned, Miller will see the field for the majority of their plays from scrimmage.

This speedy prospect has two scholarship offers, Appalachian State and South Carolina, in his possession with many other programs showing interest. He has been in recent contact with a number of programs.

"I've been in touch with a lot of schools over the last few months," Devon Miller said. "In the past couple of weeks I've been been real close with Middle Tennessee, Appalachian State, and Charleston Southern. They've all called me; I've called them.

"Kentucky came to watch our spring practice. Coach (Tee) Martin said he'd like to offer me. They (Kentucky staff) just want me up at their camp so the other coaches can see me. Every coach I've talked to wants me as a corner (cornerback)."

Miller is obviously garnering attention from two different division levels. He is open to playing at either level.

"The (division) level really isn't a big deal," he commented. "The lower level schools are playing at a high level right now. And some of the smaller schools are planning to move up to D1(A) anyway.

"I mean, there's a whole lot to look at. The academics are things to look at. Playing as a freshman (early playing time) is something to look at. I'm gonna look at a lot of different stuff."

This South Metro-Atlanta prospect currently has four schools atop his leaderboard.

"South Carolina, Appalachian State, Kentucky, and Wake Forest are my leaders," he said. "Appalacian State is probably leading right now. They've probably reached out to me the most.

"Appalachian State has a great coaching staff. They've put a few guys in the NFL in the last few years. The academics are really good there. You always need a degree to fall back on. I like what they're doing up there."

Miller has garnered the attention of these programs for his play on the field.

"As a sophomore I had 32 tackles, seven pass breakups, and an interception," he said. "I ran a kickoff back for a touchdown that year (sophomore season), too. And I had a punt return for a touchdown. This past season I had a nagging injury at the beginning of the year. I didn't have any returns last season because of that.

"Last year I played mainly as a cornerback. In two of our games I played at safety. I had 40 tackles, 12 pass defenses, two interceptions. On offense I had one catch for 58 yards. I made the First Team All-Southern Crescent (Clayton and Henry County combined) last year."

The Charles Drew staff wants to take full advantage of their speedy athlete this season.

"Coach Laws (head coach at Charles Drew) wants me to go both ways this year," he said. "He wants as much speed on offense as we can get. I'll play corner on defense. On offense I'll be doing a lot of different stuff. I'll be a receiver some of the time. I'll play some at running back, too."

Miller wants to display these versatile skills at camps.

"This summer I'll go to Southern Miss, Appalachian State, Kentucky, and Middle Tennessee," he commented. "I may go to Jacksonville State, too.

"Coaches will get to see my footwork and my coverage skills at these camps. I plan on making a lot of plays. I think I can run with just about anyone. I can't wait to go to camps. Coaches will get to see what I bring to the table."

The Peach State standout is confident of his skills. He's ready to display his talents in the upcoming season.

"My coverage skills, and my catch up speed are probably my best assets," Miller said. "I can close on guys if they get some separation on me, and I can close on the ball very quickly. In our region about half the teams were running teams, and I still had 12 pass defenses."

"I plan to have more intercptions this year. I know I can at least five (interceptions). I think on offense I can lead the team in receiving yards and touchdown receptions. I'm wanna help our team in anyway I can."

At this point in time Miller is already confident of three official visits.

"Right now I know of three (official visits) that I'll probably take," he said. "I'll probably go to Kentucky, Appalachian State, and South Carolina."

There is one SEC program that has been a favorite of Miller's for a very long time.

"I'd love to get an offer from Tennessee," he said. "They sent me an invite to their spring game. They've invited to their camp. I don't know if I can make to that camp. Anyway, I've always loved Tennessee. I really started liking them when Eric Berry started playing there. They've put a lot of guys in the NFL. Their stadium is huge. I'd love an offer from them."

Devon Miller plays alongside of another Charles Drew prospect in Jadarius West. These two will play at the cornerback positions this season. Look for opposing teams to stay away from the edges of the field in the passing game.

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