Frisco Liberty 7v7: Superb Six

FRISCO, Texas – was on hand for the action at the Frisco Liberty 7-on-7 State Qualifier and here are the six players when we felt like had the most college upside or who's star could shine brightest.

The pools are spread out all over the place at the Frisco Liberty SQT, which is a good warm-up if you are trying to get in the shape to cover the State tournament in College Station in July, but it makes it a little tougher to take in all of the action.

Still there was plenty of talent on display and here is who walked away grabbing the most attention.

1. WR Corey Coleman

He has been on the radar for awhile now as being known as one of the fastest players in the Lone Star State and it is hard to display such speed in a 7v7 setting where defenders only need touch you to stop your progress, but Colemen did get to display that speed on one occasion. He caught a little short out and blazed up the sideline leaving the corner in the dust and the safety had to come up and help and he barely got a finger on him to save a touchdown. He was the go to receiver of the whole tournament he made athletic plays over the top of defenses by going up in the air and he sunk his hips to bust out routes and get separation. He did it all and his stock is soaring.

2. WR Conner Crane

I watched Crane a few times last season and even in the same seven-on-seven tournament one year ago and he has just grown remarkably as a player. He has worked hard on his route running and can do a few more things underneath and I think he has shed the stigma that he is only a straight line, vertical guy. He has also gained about 15 pounds of muscle and that will allow him to get off of the jams when defensive backs are allowed to come up and put a jam on him.

3. QB Richard Lagow

The young quarterback still has to gain some maturity from both a physical and mental standpoint, but on a very windy day he threw some money balls and helped his team win their pool and gain a birth in the State tournament later on in the summer. He is a legit 6'4, and has a frame that will hold some nice weight as he matures. He will gain a lot of experience and by this time next year after leading a team that will be solid on the field in the fall, I suspect we are talking about him holding some nice scholarship offers.

4. CB Terrell Burt

Burt is a physical corner, who shines when he is able to get up in the grill of a receiver, in a 7v7 setting he was not able to get up and jam, but showed that he was able to turn and run stride for stride with guys down the field. He did not completely dominate and lock everyone down, but with the rules of today's game you just do not see that type of play from corners. But watching him run around with guys and break on the ball you can certainly see some solid potential.

5. WR Dontonio Jordan

Jordan will play more running back next season, but he looks like he was born to play in the slot in college. He is quick off of the ball and runs solid routes. He catches the ball out away from his body and gets good separation. He does not have one of those frames that has everybody at the event saying his name, but if you sit back and watch him play for play you will find out what type of athlete he really is.

6. S Kiante Griffin

Griffin gave Jeremiah Tshimanga a run for being the most physically impressive looking specimen at the event. Griffin played both ways at safety and wide receiver and helped Hebron advance to the semi-final game before the wheels fell off against Plano West. Griffin is big but has a quick burst of speed that he can use to get open and has the ability to make plays over the top of the defenses as a receiver. On defense his speed and range make it hard for defenses to test the middle of the field.

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