Torey Agee: Waiting for the Offer

Opelika, Alabama defensive end/linebacker Torey Agee and his family made the trip to Atlanta Friday morning to visit Georgia Tech. Due to a previous commitment, he was unable to stay for Georgia Tech's camp. Torey will make a return trip in July to take part in the second Georgia Tech camp.

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The trip to Atlanta was a good one for Agee. ‘It was great. The campus was very beautiful and it was everything I thought it would be."

One phase of the trip stood out for Torey. "The academic prestige of the school stood out to me a lot. Georgia Tech is very well known for their academics and after this visit I can see why. Georgia Tech is very impressive academically."

Agee had a chance to speak with the coaches about his possible future at Georgia Tech. "They said they are very interested in me and they will be watching me closely and getting to know me more."

The coaches also talked about how Torey would fit into the defensive scheme they run. ‘Coach Groh said he was looking at me for the four technique and that if I was to put on some weight that I could be a big part of the 2 gap. I was very happy to hear that he had already had plans of where he would use me if I were to be a part of the football team." The Georgia Tech coaches were happy that Torey made the visit today even though I didn't get the chance to go through the camp. "I had other plans already set up."

Although he didn't receive an offer, Torey feels that one could be coming. "The coaches said that they would like for me to come back to the campus and they can talk with me some more. I plan on coming back on July 15th to do just that."

Even without an offer, Tech is on Torey's favorites list. "If I were to receive an offer, I'd probably go ahead and commit right then, which is how much I like Georgia Tech."

Torey has four or five other schools that he's looking at besides Georgia Tech. "Right now I am looking at and hearing from Auburn, Alabama, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Stanford." Agee will be visiting Duke on the 25th and in July he'll be visiting Vanderbilt.

Agee is looking to major in computer engineering in college. "Academics are important to me. My family really stresses that and the college I will select will have both top notch academics and the major I'd like to get."

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