'13 Intro: Denham Springs RB Kaleb Blanchard

Kaleb Blanchard, the 6-foot-1, 200-pound RB from Denham Springs, is a leader of the pack when it comes to '13 prospects in the talent-rich state of Louisiana. Find out more about the junior here...

Kaleb Blanchard burst onto the scene last year as a sophomore, rushing for approximately 1,800 yards with 22 touchdowns. His combination of size (6-1, 200), speed (4.5) and strength (just watch his highlight film) make him one of the best '13 backs in the nation.

He didn't expect the success to happen so soon, however.

"Our senior starting running back, Josh Miley, got hurt in the first game of the season against Broadmoor," explained Blanchard. "It was devastating for him, and so I dedicated and played my season for him. He gave me a lot of tips that helped me.

"I just try to make the most out of each moment on the field. I really appreciate what my offensive line does for me. Our offensive tackle, Tevin Lawson, is in my class and he's a big guy -- around 6-foot-3, 290 pounds."

How does Blanchard describe his running style?

"I use my vision to make cutbacks and I have the speed and burst to outrun people," he said. "I not scared of contact, and I don't mind running over someone.

"I watch Mark Ingram videos on YouTube to see what he does, and I'll use those things when I run the football."

Does Blanchard, who recently visited Texas A&M, have aspirations of playing for Ingram's alma mater - the Alabama Crimson Tide?

"I'd love to go see Alabama's campus, but it would be tough to play against my neighbors and friends at LSU," he said (Denham Springs is a stone's throw east of Baton Rouge).

"LSU and Texas A&M are the schools I'm most interested in, along with Florida, Auburn, Southern Miss and Louisiana Tech. Also, TCU. I like them, too.

"I'd like to play for LSU. I'm going to camp there in July. I just got back from Texas A&M, and it's a nice place with nice facilities. I'm not worried about recruiting right now, because I'm only entering my junior year."

Blanchard worries every defense that faces the nearly-impossible task of containing him.

After Miley was sidelined in the Broadmoor game, Blanchard stepped up and gained 174 yards on 12 carries (14.5 ypc) with a touchdown. He only carried 6 times vs. Covington and star LB Otha Peters, but Blanchard made each attempt count (90 yards and two touchdowns.)

His season-high (228 yards) came in week nine vs. Live Oak. Blanchard averaged 22 yards a pop (7-154, four TDs) versus arch-rival Walker.

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