Brissett Goes From Mentor to Pupil

He towers over everyone on the football field, even those that are there doing the same job. The Palm Beach Dwyer football team held a youth camp this summer and former quarterback Jacoby Brissett stood out among all those that were there to mentor the young people. Brissett was teaching, but knows he will be the pupil soon. Brissett enrolls at Florida this week to start his collegiate journey.

Camp is a little break from the big reality that is about to set in on Jacoby Brissett. The 6-4, 225 pound gun slinging quarterback was having as good time with the small kids. However, he isn't sure it is something he wants to do when his playing days are over down the line.

"I'm having fun," Brissett said after a break in the action. "I've been doing it since the eighth grade. It's a lot to do it every day, but I don't have a problem with doing it with little kids." Brissett is about to go through a lot. There is so much that he has getting ready for and the anticipation has been eating at him.

"I can't wait, I am excited," he said. "I don't know what to expect, so just getting up there (to Gainesville) is what I am looking forward to. Just living away will be different, but other than that everything should be good."

Brissett has been spending extra time getting his body ready to compete when he shows up to campus. A big time basketball player as well, Brissett believes he is ready for the rigors of college football.

"I have my workout book that I do every once in a while, but I do some other stuff as well," he said. "I have toned up a little bit more."

Florida strength coach Mickey Marotti is a name that can put the scare into those not ready for a thorough workout regimen. Brissett has a lot of respect for Marotti and says the man has just a little bit of wild man in him. He knows from his former teammate at Dwyer, Matt Elam, that Marotti's program isn't easy.

"Matt just says it is better, just a lot of hard work," Brissett said. "The transition will be different. I have known about Mickey for a while. I just heard he is crazy. I know he wears a sweat suit no matter how hot it is. I just don't think he cares."

On top of a top notch strength program, head Coach Will Muschamp has basically brought in an NFL type staff. Brissett says the current players on the roster are really excited about what they are learning under the new staff.

"The players are expecting it to be just another step to become better," Brissett said of what to expect in year one of the Muschamp regime. "We will be with an NFL staff and everyone is excited about that."

He will also be taught by one of the best to coach the quarterback position. Charlie Weis has Super Bowl rings and has mentored pro bowl quarterbacks to the tune of probably being the most qualified person in the college game to coach the position.

"Coach Weis brings that NFL mindset, the next level of playing," Brissett said. "I will be coached by the best. His resume just shows you what he can do and the product of his work."

The big jump for Brissett is this week and it starts in the class room. He isn't scared of it, but there is a bit of the unknown about taking college classes.

"I know that is hard, but I know I can hold up," he said of the academics. "It will just be a different mentality going to college classes. To be honest, I don't know what to expect. I just need to get acclimated to everything and just enjoy college."

His expectations for the conclusion of fall camp in a couple of months are simple.

"I just want to come out knowing that I did the best I could and have a good chance of playing," he said.

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