Two Tight Ends Stand Out on Wednesday

Michigan State opened up a two-day camp on Wednesday and Spartan Digest was on hand for the days events.

In the Class of 2012, Michigan State will be looking to fill a major need at the tight end position. With Evan Jones already pledged to the class, the need to find a few more took on an added importance and the Spartans may have found the right player.

Jason Spriggs of Elkhart (IN) Concord Community High School showed up and started to impress right away when he posted a vertical jump of 31. He didn't stop there as he continued to impress throughout drills showing solid pass catching abilities and the ability to fit in with the style of play needed to be a tight end in the Spartans system.

The only area where Jason showed a few struggles was in pass-pro going against some quick defensive ends. This is an area he can improve upon. However, as a high school tight end I'm sure he's not doing too much pass blocking.

Did Spriggs do enough to earn an offer? That has yet to be answered. But we do feel he's on the board higher now than when he showed up Wednesday morning.

Another tight end that really opened some eyes was 2013 flex tight end Nathan Marcus of Glenbard (IL) West High School.

The 6-foot-5, 190-pound Marcus shows great release and separation off the line and soft hands. He also ran well and posted a vertical of 31.5.

While Marcus still has a year to go, do not be surprised if he receives major interest from the Spartans in the next year.

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