The QBs in Florida

The state of Florida typically sends 12-17 quarterbacks to the D-1 level every year. Approaching July 1st, there are five commits and a host of players still on the radar.

The Committed

Gray Crow(Miami), 6'3, 210: An early commit, Crow has been on the radar since his freshmen season. All the tools are there. Plays in a running offense that limits his productivity.

Nick Patti(Boise State), 5'10, 190: The state's top QB on the field, Patti has a terrific mind for the game and can make every throw. Being 5'10 scared a lot of teams, not Boise State however, and it is a good example of why they are winning.

Hilliard takes over at Northwestern and is committed to FIU
Geoff Vogt,

E.J. Hilliard(FIU), 6'2, 180: Has backed up Teddy Bridgewater the past couple of years, but it is his time now at powerhouse Miami Northwestern. He has played enough in relief for some good film and has shined at camps. He is an accurate passer with good arm strength.

Trenton Norvell(Marshall), 6'5, 210: One of the most intriguing QBs in the state, Norvell has the size, athleticism, and arm strength that colleges like. He has improved a lot over the last year and a similar move senior year will likely mean this recruitment is not over.

Dennis Andrews(Georgia Tech), 6'0, 185: Found a perfect fit at GT where he could play QB or move to a different position. Athlete. Andrews is in charge of a very talented team with state title aspirations.

The Uncommitted

Bennie Coney, 6'2, 210: The state's biggest enigma, Coney has all the tools to be a big-time QB. He has a plus arm that is accurate to go with good size. Coney has run the gamut recruiting wise and more than any other player, his senior year will ultimately tell the tale.

Nathan Peterman, 6'2, 190: Coming from the same school as Kyle Parker, we expected him to be more heavily recruited. That has only recently started happening after a strong Spring and some filling out physically. Has great touch and solid arm strength. Peterman appears to genuinely be open at this time.

Tyler Cameron, 6'3, 195: Another athletic QB that is once again on the rise. Once thought to be a perfect fit in Meyer's offense, the rising senior is seriously considering USF, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Purdue, and Illinois. While Cameron is a great athlete, he is also capable of fitting into a few different offenses. USF might be tough to beat here.

Bilal Marshall, 6'3, 175: Is he an athlete or a QB? It does not appear to matter as he is sitting on 10+ offers at this time. Marshall will need to gain weight, but he is an extremely productive player that has a little bit of "it" in him.

Jadrian Clark, 6'2, 200: Another QB that continues to impress. A transfer to Lakeland puts him in charge of the one of the state's most prestigious programs, as well as in the spotlight. Has the size and accuracy to continue to draw interest. Holds just one offer today.

Mouton has a big arm and can run over defenders
Geoff Vogt,

Kenneth Mouton, 6'2, 205: The son of a former Michigan LB, Mouton is just scratching the surface of the QB he will become. He is a dual threat QB that has been clocked in the 4.65 range. Mouton had a big Spring game and has an arm for the next level. Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa State are all showing interest at this time.

Greg Windham, 6'2, 200: One of the top QBs in the Tampa area, Windham is a passer. He throws a beautiful ball, particularly on the deep patterns. Windham has landed four offers and more are on the way. When pressured he stays composed in the pocket and is capable of picking up yards with his feet.

Justin Black, 6'2, 200: Black played his junior season in Michigan and has transferred to Barron Collier in Naples. He has a big arm and should be a perfect fit in their offense. He has impressed thus far in camps and 7on7. He holds an offer from Western Michigan and several schools are watching him closely.

Gunnar Holcombe, 6'3, 180: An illness early in his junior season kept him off the field and then Douglas Cooke put together a terrific senior season that kept him on the bench. Despite that, Holcombe holds three offers and that is because of the upside that he possesses as a pro style QB. His team is loaded and Holcombe should enjoy a big senior season.

Paxton Lynch, 6'6, 195: Deltona Christian is off the beaten path and that has hurt this 6'6 QB attract the interest he deserves. He can throw the football with a solid delivery and plus arm strength. Will need to produce as a senior.

Matt Dobson, 6'1, 190: One of the top QBs in the panhandle, Dobson is an athlete that is getting looks both as a QB and as a potential Safety. Georgia Tech and Louisville appear to be recruiting him the hardest at this time.

Bostic continues the strong QB tradition at Jupiter Christian
Geoff Vogt,

Kedric Bostic , 6'3, 190: He recently picked up a coveted UCF offer after a camp. Bostic is very consistent. He is still lean, but his accurate arm and great delivery bring a lot of upside to the table. Under-rated athlete as he clocked a 4.63 at the UA combine in Miami.

Zack Hammond, 6'2, 185: Did not have a lot of opportunity as a junior sharing the backfield with star RB Mike Bellamy, but he has some weapons to throw to as a senior. Hammond is on the lean side, but he is an accurate passer who has a keen understanding of the game. Hammond sits on a number of boards across the country.

Thomas Sirk, 6'5, 215: Is he an athlete or is he a QB? At 6'5, many thought it was as the former, but a recent camp at Duke earned him an offer as a QB. Sirk does not have a lot of experience, but he has a big arm and intriguing upside down the road.

Jacob Guy, 6'5, 200: Guy had a very strong performance at the FSU camp and has the type of size that is coveted. Holds just two offers, but you have to think that there will be more interest down the road.


Billy Crook: We watched him play a terrific Spring game as a freshmen when he beat Venice, it is finally his time to shine as the starter at Naples. Very fast, very athletic.

Tommy Eveld: Like his brother(Bobby), he appears to be flying under the radar. Bobby walked-on at USF and then started games as a freshmen. Tommy will start as a senior at Jesuit where he has some weapons to throw to. Schools will wait to see what he does starting as a senior.

Brendon Tillett: Small school player that has the size and arm schools are looking for. Has attracted plenty of 1-AA interest at this time. Threw for almost 1,400 in eight games as a junior.

Woulard will be one of the top QBs in Florida for the next cycle
Geoff Vogt,

Five for 2013

Asiantii Woulard, 6'3, 215: Woulard has had an impressive off-season. He has a live arm, is very confident, and possesses quality athleticism. Should have a huge year.

Darryl Richardson, 6'6, 225: Richardson already has prototype size, he throws the ball effortlessly, and is taking over perhaps the most most talented offensive team in the state. Ton of upside here.

Cord Sandberg, 6'2, 195: Southpaw took over for Brion Carnes and did not disappoint as he led the 'Canes to the state semi-finals. He is very accurate and is a true athlete as he also stars on the baseball diamond.

Akeem Jones, 6'2, 200: Jones is very talented, he has a big arm and just needs to get some more experience and clean up his delivery. He is an athlete that will be one of the top QBs in talent rich Dade County as a junior.

Peter DiNovo, 6'3, 195: The East Lake star has the size already. He had a terrific 15/3 ratio as a sophomore and is already being recruited to play at the D-1 level.

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