Grant Camps At Pitt

A number of prospects from Orlando (FL) Freedom High School were at Pitt's prospect camp this month, including receiver Lee Grant.

Lee Grant finished his junior season with 43 catches for 750 yards and seven touchdowns for Orlando (FL) Freedom High School.

Grant and his teammates took a lengthy tour up north, where they kicked off their summer camp schedule at the Pitt prospect camp. He and his teammates worked out at both the Friday and Saturday sessions at Pitt.

"The Pitt camp, I think it was a great experience for me," Grant said. "The first day, I was rusty. The second day, everything fell in place. I think I did better the second day. I understood what the coaches wanted. When we came back to Orlando, we brought a lot from Pitt to Orlando. I learned a lot about footwork to become a better player.

"Definitely, it makes us learn, mostly all our fundamentals and little techniques. We're doing what we love."

One of the reasons that Freedom chose to camp at Pitt was because of quarterback Derik Abbott who has some Pitt interest, but also has family in the area.

"(Abbott) goes to those camps every year," Grant said. "He's about to be a senior, and has family in Pittsburgh. We came together to raise money for a trip in summer. Our coach talked to Pitt's coaches to see if he could get us a spot, and it all fell in place."

When they got there, Grant said that all of his teammates came away impressed with the Pitt coaching staff.

"The Pitt receiver coach (Michael Norvell), he was a great, a great guy to me, a great coach to me," Grant said. "He helped me understand what I really had to do to get off ball. He taught me some things that my coaches don't teach me. He helped me understand what I learned to bring from Pittsburgh to Orlando. It helped me in 7-on-7 a lot. It helped me run better routes."

Freedom has a pretty extensive summer conditioning program that includes workouts Monday through Friday. Freedom also had a big 7-on-7 tournament at UCF, with another one called Battle by the Beach in New Smyrna, Florida coming up in a couple of weeks.

"The Battle by the Beach is 38 schools, and the winner gets $10,000," Grant said. "It really gives you something to work for. We're working hard to get there. That's really our goal."

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