Challenger Talks New Offer, Camps

Destin Challenger spent some time on the road during the spring and summer months in hopes of getting his name out there among college recruiting circles. An offer from the Citadel turned out to be the ice breaker, but a new option emerged earlier this week with the possibly of another later in the month.

Destin Challenger profile

"UAB offered me on Monday," said Destin. "My coach told me to call them and I did once I got home.

"They told me that they are recruiting me to play outside linebacker because they like me in space.

"I actually worked out at their camp as a safety, but they told me they like to move guys down from safety to outside linebacker."

The Blazers may prove to be a good option for the personable Challenger.

"My step-dad actually went to UAB, so I guess we have a little bit of a connection with them," said Destin. "It's just up the road, so my parents could come and see me play if I went there."

In just under two weeks, Challenger will make a return trip to Mississippi State to see what his options are in Starkville.

"I am going to the Big Dawg camp at Mississippi State," said Destin. "They have sort of beat around the bush a little about an offer.

"They want me to come to their camp, so they can thoroughly evaluate me before they decide about an offer.

"They are talking about me playing linebacker too."

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