FSSW 7v7: What We Know

Scout.com and FOX Sports was on the scene here for the FSSW State 7-on-7 tournament in College Station. Plenty of solid athletes are on hand competing in hopes of being named champions. Coming into this, there were things that we knew, but afterwards, we know for sure. And maybe we learned a few new things. Either way, we had a few random thoughts and wanted to share…

Davis is More Than Talent
Sure he can throw for 2,000 and rush for another 1,500, but Klein Forest quarterback Matt Davis showed more from a mental that a physical standpoint this past weekend. Yes, he made all the passes and brought his team a number of comeback wins, but when the odds were not in favor of the Golden Eagles and mistakes were made, Davis stepped in and made his presence known. A receiver ran the wrong route and Davis let him know. A cornerback out of position, Davis corrected. Honestly, it sounded much like when the NBA mics up Kobe Bryant. Texas A&M has the future on its way for the 2012 class.

Griffin – A Man Amongst Boys
There was no doubt at all that Rosenberg (TX) Terry wide receiver Derrick Griffin passes the eyeball test. But in addition to that, the 6-foot-6 Griffin, who is also an all-star basketball player and should have his choice in offers for both sports, was making sure that the ball ended up in his hands several times throughout the state 7-on-7 tournament. Griffin just posted up in the end zone and it turned into a jump ball. In one of the semifinals games he told his quarterback, Antoine Arbuleda, to just throw it up there, "I'm 7-feet tall and I'm going to go get it."

It almost looked unfair, as defensive backs seemed helpless in defending this play. He is a great example of just raw talent who gets it done no matter what sport he plays. 

Desoto Duo is Nasty
Bryson Echols and Jalen Mills are part of a solid secondary for coach Claude Mathis. Echols, who is committed to Texas, showed excellent cover skills throughout the competition. Not a big guy at 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, but Echols will stay in a receiver's hip pocket. Here is what Longhorn Digest Publisher Kevin Flaherty had to say:

"He doesn't appear to have elite recovery speed, but he has excellent short-area quickness, and he didn't need elite recovery speed because he was never in recovery."

For Mills, he is more physical, but is solid in his own right. Though the tournament is based more on skill and foot speed instead of being physical, Mills still showed his aggressive nature when breaking on passes. 

Childress Has Come a Long Way
Just before Houston (TX) Kinkaid quarterback Ford Childress took over the team full time, coach Stephen Hill said that we should keep an eye on Childress. Good call as this young man's game has developed plenty, even since last season. Childress seems much more relaxed and confident in the throws he makes. His footwork is great too and his passes are coming out with more zip than ever. See for yourself

Find a Place for Hernandez
Throughout the two-day event, a question that came up a lot was: "Who is this receiver from El Paso who making all of these plays?" That would be Riverside wide recover Andrew Hernandez. It did not matter who was lined up across from this kid he made plays, consistently. Standing only about 5-foot-11 and weighing about 160 pounds, the Riverside playmaker was finding his way to the end zone faster than many players who were physically more talented than he. Not sure where, or if this kid can find his way to a college roster somewhere, but for player with this much hustle and heart, there's got to be a program out there that can use him. I'm just saying.

Houston Lamar in Good Hands?
The answer is yes. After watching several games with sophomore quarterback Darrell Colbert Jr., it was clear that this was not just some kid throwing the ball around. Understanding that it is just 7-on-7 football, but this young kid showed great decision-making ability and was on point on most of his passes throughout the day. If he didn't find the open receiver or the match up he wanted, he held the ball and took the sack (four-second rule). South Recruiting Analyst Steve Robertson was in total agreement:

"Darrell showed a poise beyond his years and he made big throw after big throw after big throw."

It will be exciting to see this young man lead the Lamar team this year. The Redskins have not had trouble running the football in the past so it will be interesting to see how that will open up the passing game for Colbert to sling it.

Willis, Cy Falls – Pass Happy?
At the end of the day, it is too early to say whether or not these to squads will have a successful campaign in 2011. But one thing is for certain, they are loaded with offensive skilled players. For Cy Falls, quarterback Troy Mitchell has awesome options in Gratian Gladney and Jacorey Warrick and Willis' leader Fred Nixon has Demarcus Kizzie, Audrey Golden and Quan West to make plays for him. 

Basically, add some solid guys in the trenches and a decent-to-good defense, and these guys could be dancing a while in the postseason.

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