Bennie Coney Competing And Focused

Bennie Coney recently had success with his 7v7 team at Mel Kiper's event and now he's focusing on preparing for his senior season and narrowing things down on on the recruiting front. Coney names Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Arkansas and Pitt as his top five.

For Bennie Coney, it's all about the right fit. Coney is weighing his options and learning as much as possible about a group of five he thinks have potential.

"I really like Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Arkansas and Pitt," Coney said.

Cincinnati is showing Coney how he could fit well in their system.

"They tell me they really like what they see. They say I look really good. They think I would really fit in their scheme and all. I want to visit sometime this month and I'm trying to make that happen. I want to go there and see if I can get early playing time or work my way up the depth chart fast."

Coney feels he could see himself playing at Virginia Tech as well. His relationship with coach Torrian Gray is key.

"I really like coach Gray and he shows me a lot of great opportunities. I don't know that much about Virginia Tech but I have watched them on TV. I definitely need to visit."

Coney says relationships with coaches are very important to him. Another coach he has a connection with is Louisville's Charlie Strong.

"I like Louisville a lot. It's not like you hear everyone talking about Louisville or something but I really like what coach Strong has done. They are on the rise and stepping up. I'm looking forward to seeing what they turn out. I'm starting to hear a lot more about them."

Coney says conference doesn't really play into his decision but he is excited by the idea of playing in the SEC. That's where Arkansas comes in.

"Arkansas seems like a great place to play. I don't really care about conferences but the SEC is big time football. It does excite me. I'm not sure about when I will visit Arkansas but I want to make it happen. No doubt about that."

Another visit Coney plans to schedule will send him up north to Pitt. He is intrigued by what Pitt may have for his future.

"I have been talking to Pitt coaches for a while now and I like what I hear. I'm interested to see the facilities that they share with the Steelers. I think that's awesome."

As for a potential leader, Coney says he doesn't have one. But, he knows what he's looking for.

"I just want the best offer possible. I like the way recruiting is going for me and whoever offers me the best option, I'm going to take it."

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