Updated Ohio Rankings - Top 125

The Scout staff got together this week and re-did our rankings for the state of Ohio. How did the top 125 shake out?

NOTE: Our mistake, as V'Angelo Bentley (45), Tres Barksdale (65) and DeShawn Hall (99), were voted in but left off of this list. They will be added to a future update.

Ryan Anderson was removed, but we still consider him a prospect and will wait to see how his injury situation plays out before putting him back on the list.

As the state could have over 200 Division-1 prospects in it this year, some of the top players were not on this list.

The list will change and expand until next Signing Day. It is based on projected college performance, not high school production.

Star rankings and position rankings were not updated prior to this list, so some of those numbers may not match up to this list.

1. Adolphus Washington - Cincinnati Taft
Defensive End - (6'4, 240)

To me, there isn't a clear number one in the state this year. Ask ten people, and you might get ten different answers. We decided to keep Washington at the top though, because he has great upside and of the contenders for this spot, he's probably the best overall athlete. He had a great performance at the NIKE Camp in Columbus earlier in the summer, and of all the great defensive ends in the state, he's the biggest and most college-ready. - Allen Trieu

Easily the best all-around athlete of the true defensive ends in Ohio, and is also one of the top basketball players in the state. His long-term potential is huge because he is nowhere near the player he is going to be after he is receives college coaching, and weight training in a college strength and conditioning program. The most impressive combination of size, power and quickness of any player in the state of Ohio. - Bill Greene

Washington remains one of the main targets left on the board in Ohio and for good reason.  Athletic, explosive, and powerful are just a few words to describe a player who can line-up on the edge or put his hand down in the trenches. - Dave Berk

College: Uncommitted. Considering Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, Miami (FL), Alabama and more.

2. Kyle Kalis - Lakewood St. Edward
Offensive Tackle - (6'5, 305)

Kalis has some detractors that say he's not deserving of a five-star ranking because he's not a left tackle prospect. While I agree that he's better suited for the right side or possibly even the interior, I think he's a tough, strong, well coached kid with a nasty streak. I also think that he has a chance to be a three or four year starter in college and a guy who will be successful, even if he's not all that flashy. - Allen Trieu

The best offensive line prospect in Ohio since Andrew Norwell, and the prototypical right tackle prospect for the next level. Kalis needs to work on speed and flexibility to take his game to the next level, but his work ethic and attitude set him apart from the rest. Simply put, Kalis beats people up at the line of scrimmage and looks to not just win individual battles, but dominate his opponent. He knows how to play the game correctly and has been well-coached at St. Ed's. - Bill Greene

The new Michigan pledge is a powerful run blocker with solid technique.  Physical size will allow Kalis to come in and compete early in his college career.  One area the Lakewood St. Edwards offensive lineman needs to work on his flexibility and keeping his feet as he works his way downfield. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Michigan .

3. Brionte Dunn - Canton Glenoak
Running Back - (5'11, 225)

If I had to take one guy from the state this year, it might be Brionte. Big backs with his agility and ability to both make people miss and run through them don't come along all the time. He may not time incredibly well, but breaks long runs on tape. The concern with him, obviously, is that he has carried the ball a lot at the high school level already. While that's a concern, I don't think it's a knock, as he has been durable throughout his career. - Allen Trieu

A true downhill, power-running tailback, and a workhorse that can handle a huge workload and remain productive in the fourth quarter. Dunn can take a lot of punishment and still be able to dish it out from his end, while having enough speed to break long runs. His strength, aside from the size/speed/power package is the fact that he loves playing the game the right way, and loves to compete and win. - Bill Greene

Dunn is a proven producer with the rock in his hands.  In some circles there are concerns he’s already put too many carries on his body and it could hamper his development at the next level.  Nevertheless, he knows what to do with the ball in his hands and should have another big year. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Ohio State.

4. Warren Ball - Columbus DeSales
Running Back - (6'2, 205)

Ball is a thoroughbred athlete. He is an incredible physical specimen and he has superstar ability on tape. He struggled with injuries last year and we want to see him stay healthy and be more consistent this year. If he does that, he's a candidate for the top. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Ohio State
5. Ifeadi Odenigbo - Centerville
Defensive End - (6'3, 217)

While the Centerville High School product is one of the hottest names left on the board, there is still work needed to his game.  Explosive with great burst and speed makes Odenigbo a player with great upside and his best football will be played after he leaves the high school ranks. - Dave Berk

College: Uncommitted. Stanford, California, Ohio State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Northwestern and others are in the mix.

6. Se'Von Pittman - Canton McKinley
Defensive End - (6'4, 225)

Pittman is a great athlete and a pure edge rusher. I got to see him in person this summer and he looked physically, much better than I expected. I expected a skinny, lanky kid, but he's not that. He's much more filled out than I expected. His quick feet and fluidity are obvious on tape and in camp. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan State
7. Taylor Decker - Vandalia-Butler
Offensive Tackle - (6'8, 297)

Have watched Decker since before his sophomore year and predicted his rise as an offensive lineman for the next level then.  He has not disappointed as he’s now at 300-pounds with his long athletic frame.  While some may like the physical strengths of Kalis at this stage, I’ll take the overall package Decker brings to the table as a true tackle at the next level. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Notre Dame.

8. Jarrod Wilson - Akron Buchtel
Safety - (6'2, 190)

It's a great year for safeties in Ohio. What makes Wilson stand out from the pack as the top one? He has great size and his ball skills are excellent. He not only makes a ton of plays on the ball, but has the ability to take it back to the house once he does. His combination of size, athleticism and instincts gives him a chance to be an early contributor. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan.

9. William Mahone - Austintown Fitch
Running Back - (5'11, 205)

While Dunn may have gotten the early recognition as one of Ohio’s top running backs, the overall ability Mahone brings plus the fact he’s got far less carries on his body makes him a player college programs feel has great upside.  Add in the fact he could also be moved to the defensive side of the ball and that is an added plus. - Dave Berk

College: Uncommitted. Notre Dame, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Michigan State and others are in consideration.

10. Tom Strobel - Mentor
Defensive End - (6'5, 235)

When you talk future potential, Tom Strobel is a player you should keep your eye on.  While Ohio State fans may be upset about losing Kyle Kalis, the loss of Strobel to Michigan may be even greater.  The best football is ahead of him. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Michigan

11. Joshua Perry - Lewis Center Olentangy
Outside Linebacker - (6'3, 220)

Perry is a fantastic athlete that, I think, sometimes gets forgotten about because he committed so long ago. He's very long and has excellent change of direction and fluidity. He'll be an asset in pass coverage and on the blitz and could perform in a variety of roles. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Ohio State

12. Chris Wormley - Toledo Whitmer
Defensive End - (6'5, 250)

There are a lot of differing opinions on Wormley. Our stance on him is that he has great size and his upside is high. He runs track and throws at that size and we had a chance to see him go up against some of the state's best linemen last year, including Kyle Kalis, and hold his own. He needs to add some consistency, but his talent is not in question. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. Michigan is in the lead.

13. Joe Bolden - Cincinnati Colerain
Outside Linebacker - (6'3, 220)

After seeing Bolden work out at the school in March, it was easy to see the size and strength. I don't think I truly appreciated him until seeing him in 7on7 this month in Cleveland. Bolden shut off the middle of the field, and was impressive using his quick feet to get depth in his drops. His film shows a player that loves to hit, but he moves better than one would expect from a 230-pound linebacker. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Michigan
14. Monty Madaris - Cincinnati Moeller
Wide Receiver - (6'1, 185)

The Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller wide receiver gets overlooked by many and that is a shame.  Fluid with his routes and solid in his pass catching abilities make Madaris a target quarterbacks at the next level will love to throw to.  With offers from Florida State and Michigan now in his pocket, his stock is on the rise and may have slowed him in making his college decision early. - Dave Berk

College: Uncommitted. Michigan State, Florida State, Michigan, and others have offered.

15. Maty Mauk - Kenton
Quarterback - (6'1, 185)

Record setting quarterback Maty Mauk has continued to light up 7x7 events this summer as he gets ready for his final assault on several national passing records this fall.  Some may not like his delivery but Mauk is more than a thrower as he’s a three sport athlete who will end his high school career having earned 12 varsity letters at Kenton High School.  Missouri just earned his verbal pledge so do not be surprised in a few years when you hear about him lighting it up for the Tigers. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Missouri

16. Kyle Dodson - Cleveland Heights
Offensive Tackle - (6'6, 310)

Massive offensive tackle, but a well built big kid, not a sloppy one at all. He moves well for that size and plays with a mean streak. He has a chance to play early if he can quickly pick up on technique at the next level, because he has the physical tools. We did not have a chance to see him this summer, but he can rise up the rankings with a good season. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Wisconsin
17. Greg McMullen - Akron Hoban
Defensive End - (6'4, 255)

After receiving a lot of press as a freshman and sophomore, it seems people have forgotten how good he can be when healthy. Similar to Washington is size and athletic ability, McMullen needs to play a little nastier on the field to take his game to the next level. He has the ability to play both inside or outside at the next level. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Nebraska
18. Devan Bogard - Cleveland Glenville
Safety - (6'1, 175)

Kind of a throwback football player, because Bogard is on the field looking to knock people out. He needs to prove he be an asset in coverage, but nobody questions his ability to hit people. He is a far better athlete than people realize, and he could be showing that off at quarterback this season as well. Was extremely impressive at the Nike Camp in Columbus in May. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Ohio State
19. Tyler Orlosky - Lakewood St. Edward
Guard - (6'3, 295)

The West Virginia pledge gets overshadowed by teammate Kyle Kalis and that is a shame.  Powerful run blocker who does a great job of getting low pad level and driving his man downfield while keeping his balance and feet. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to West Virginia

20. Dwayne Stanford - Cincinnati Taft
Wide Receiver - (6'3, 185)

Opinions are now split on Stanford after this summer. He did not turn in an overwhelming performance at the Columbus NIKE Camp, but did come back and impressed our staff at The Opening. Rather than let one performance kill him, we want to see more of him this season. His film is excellent, where he showed ball skills and athleticism at that size. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan and others have offered and are being considered.
21. Kaleb Ringer - Clayton Northmont
Outside Linebacker - (6'0, 220)

Ringer is a solid player at Northmont High School who can at times take over a game.  The fact he plays in one of Ohio’s top football conferences allows him to test his skills each week.  However, work is still needed to improve in his coverage abilities.  - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Michigan

22. Frank Epitropoulos - Upper Arlington
Wide Receiver - (6'3, 195)

Opened some eyes this summer at Ohio State's senior camp with an impressive showing. Legitimate 6-foot-3, and possesses the ability to go get the football at its highest point. Excellent route-runner and great hands give him the ability to be successful at the next level. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Ohio State
23. Benny McGowan - Centerville
Guard - (6'3, 290)

If you are looking for one of the toughest run blockers in Ohio then look no further than Centerville offensive guard Benny McGowan.  The Michigan State pledge does a great job of firing out and keeping great pad level at the point of attack.  One area of concern is McGowan must work on pass blocking as the Elks are a triple-option running attack. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Michigan State

24. Tyler O'Connor - Lima Central Catholic
Quarterback - (6'3, 195)

O'Connor has had a good summer. He was a guy on tape, that I saw as a scrambler and a move guy, but he threw well from the pocket and showed that he was not just a sandlot player, as he threw the ball well on time and was accurate. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan State
25. Pharaoh Brown - Lyndhurst Brush
Defensive End - (6'6, 215)

Brown showed his stuff this summer as a receiver and tight end in 7 on 7s. That athleticism will translate well to defense, where he will play in college. He still has to fill out, but his upside is tremendous. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan
26. A.J. Williams - Cincinnati Sycamore
Tight End - (6'6, 270)

Williams is a massive kid who is a great blocker. He also has sure hands and will be a fine redzone and short yardage weapon in college, along with being virually an extra offensive lineman. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan
27. LaTroy Lewis - Akron Hoban
Defensive End - (6'4, 225)

Fluid, athletic kid off the edge. He's a pure pass rusher, but needs to get bigger and stronger, so he can anchor in against the run. That said, turn him loose and he'll go get the quarterback. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted, but Nebraska, Ohio State and others are in the mix.
28. Najee Murray - Steubenville
Safety - (5'11, 175)

Simply blew everyone away at the Ohio State senior camp in June, and was a predictable offer for the Buckeyes once they saw him in person. Murray showed hips, speed and excellent technique in pass coverage, and went out and earned his offer by impressing everyone who saw him. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Ohio State
29. Luke Roberts - Lancaster
Middle Linebacker - (6'2, 225)

Some are surprised that Roberts earned an offer from Ohio State.  However, those who have been watching the Lancaster product the past couple of years have seen his continued growth as an athlete and football player.  Hardnosed and powerful, Roberts will be a player who will surprise many at the next level. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Ohio State

30. Cameron Wilson - Dublin Jerome
Wide Receiver - (6'1, 190)

Wilson is an asset after the catch and also has excellent ball skills. He's a great fit for the Hawkeyes, as some of their best receivers in recent times were guys who could take short passes and turn them into long gains and that's one of Wilson's strengths. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Iowa
31. Bam Bradley - Trotwood-Madison
Safety - (6'1, 195)

Has been on the college radar for several seasons now. Good size, very good in run support and may even grow into a linebacker in college. Physically imposing striker, and showed us this summer that he has been improving in coverage. - Allen Trieu

College: Unommitted. Pittsburgh, Illinois, Michigan State, Cincinnati and more are being considered.
32. Mason Monheim - Orrville
Outside Linebacker - (6'0, 205)

Monheim is a fantastic athlete, and we saw that first hand at Michigan State's camp. He moves very well and covers like a defensive back. He may not be the biggest guy, but he'll hit you on tape too. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. Northwestern is one of his top choices, but Michigan State, Ohio State and others may still offer.
33. Trae Clark - Cincinnati Colerain
Defensive Tackle - (6'3, 325)

The biggest question about the Colerain product is not his production on the field, but the weight he’s carried.  Now that Clark can see he has a future at the college level, it looks as if he’s taking things more serious and doing the small things to be in better physical shape.  Clark is a player who can dominate at the next level if he wants to be great and is willing to continue the hard work needed. - Dave Berk

College: Uncommitted, but offered by Cincinnati, Michigan State and more.

34. Demitrious Davis - Austintown Fitch
Wide Receiver - (5'8, 180)

Davis is a dynamic playmaker who projects to slot receiver in college and does a great job creating separation with his quickness, and despite not having great size, has excellent hands and ball skills. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. Pittsburgh is among the top choices along with Oregon, UCLA, Boise State and more.
35. Roger Lewis - Pickerington Central
Wide Receiver - (6'2, 187)

Moving way up in the rankings after competing and impressing in every camp and combine in the Midwest. Lewis out-performed higher-rated prospects at every event, and the resulting offer list shows college recruiters agree. Has all the physical skills needed to play at the next level. - Bill Greene

College: Uncommitted and has offers from Arizona, Cincinnati and several others like Ohio State may add to it.
36. Patrick Elflein - Pickerington North
Guard - (6'3, 270)

Could play either side of the ball at the next level. A tough, hard working kid who moves very well and has excellent feet. We see him more as an offensive lineman and think he may be a steal for the Buckeyes. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Ohio State
37. Allen Gant - Sylvania Southview
Safety - (6'1, 190)

This is a kid we feel has been undervalued for some reason. He has been a varsity starter, and a good one, since his freshman year. He's big, hits, and is a good enough athlete to make plays in coverage as well. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan
38. Blake Thomas - Cleveland St. Ignatius
Tight End - (6'4, 230)

In a great year for tight ends, we think Thomas may be one of the best. He's a big kid with underrated athleticism. We actually believe he can flex out and create some matchup problems in college. He has sure hands and good ball skills. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Ohio State
39. Evan Jones - Ridgewood
Tight End - (6'6, 235)

Jones, I believe, will turn into a dominant blocking tight end in college. As a receiver, he has sure hands and is tough to bring down after the catch. He's not blazing fast, but he doesn't have to be. He's just the type of tight end that can succeed at Michigan State. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Michigan State
40. Tyvis Powell - Bedford
Safety - (6'3, 185)

A surprise to see Ohio State offered without seeing him in camp, but Powell's film is impressive. Powell passes the look test with flying colors, and is a sure-fire safety prospect. Will be a player to watch this season as a senior to see the improvement in striking people from his safety spot. . - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Ohio State
41. Sam Grant - Lakewood St. Edward
Tight End - (6'4, 240)

Classic B.C. tight end. Tough, strong, physical blocker and a sure handed target. He comes from a great program, and will come in ready to play. - Allen Trieu

College: Committed to Boston College
42. Jermaine Edmondson - Canton McKinley
Cornerback - (6'0, 170)

Physical kid, despite not being real big and he makes a lot of plays on the ball. Good pure cover man who has gone from very under the radar to having multiple BCS offers. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. Louisville, Illinois, Nebraska, Purdue and others offered.
43. Chris Davis - Austintown Fitch
Wide Receiver - (5'8, 175)

Davis could play receiver or corner in college, and like his brother, has a great skill set despite not having great size. He had a great performance at the Columbus NIKE Camp this summer. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted. Pittsburgh is among the top choices along with Oregon, UCLA, Boise State and more.
44. Zach Meyers - Miamisburg
Guard - (6'4, 270)

Have watched the Kentucky pledge since his freshman year at Miamisburg and feel he is one of the more undervalued prospects in Ohio for the Class of 2012.  Tough and hard working makes Myers one of the better technique players in Ohio.  If Zach was a couple of inches taller he would be getting the talk of some of the higher ranked prospects. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Kentucky

45. Anthony Stanko - Warren Howland
Guard - (6'5, 300)

Did not hit the camp or combine circuit this summer, but has reportedly gotten himself in better shape over the past year and we will be anxious to see how that translates to the field for this Penn State commit, who shows himself as an aggressive run-blocker on film. - Bill Greene

College: Committed to Penn State
46. Alex Pace - Cleveland Glenville
Defensive Tackle - (6'2, 260)

Had a great summer that pushed his ranking up. He was excellent at the Columbus NIKE Camp and several other stops, which earned him more offers as well. - Allen Trieu

College: Offers from Cincinnati, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, West Virginia and more.
47. Alden Hill - Marlington
Running Back/Fullback - (6'0, 225)

Needs to be moved up a ton of spots after going to several college camps this summer, and earning offers at most of them. Ran well at every camp and posted an 11.1 hundred time in the spring track season. Another one that kills the look test. - Bill Greene

College: Offers from Tennessee, Boston College, Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern and more
48. Zach Higgins - Marlington
Guard - (6'5, 300)

Hardnosed and tough are two words that best describe Higgins who is one of the top run blockers in Ohio for the 2012 class.  The Michigan State pledge will need to do some work on his pass blocking skills and projects more as a guard than tackle at the college level. - Dave Berk

College: Committed to Michigan State

49. Nana Kyeremeh - Thomas Worthington
Cornerback - (5'9, 165)

Speed burner who might just be the fastest kid in the state. He's not just a track guy though, he shows physicality and football skills on tape. - Bill Greene

College: Several offers including Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati and more.
50. Lakeith Walls - Cleveland Rhodes
Running Back - (6'3, 200)

He may not be a household name yet, but he's a thoroughbred athlete who is long, athletic and fast. He could play a number of positions, but has the skill set to be successful almost anywhere. - Allen Trieu

College: Uncommitted, but Syracuse, Northwestern, NC State and others have offered.

51 Collin Michael QB Lexington
52 James Sanford S Xenia
53 Kevin Houchins CB Lyndhurst Brush Louisville
54 Andre Jones S Cincinnati Colerain Cincinnati
55 Ryan Leahy DE Cincinnati LaSalle Cincinnati
56 Tanner Kearns TE Lexington Indiana
57 Nate Hoff DT Solon
58 Jacoby Boren OG Pickerington Central Ohio State
59 Kenton Playko OG Lewis Center Olentangy Northwestern
60 Caleb Stacey OG Cincinnati Oak Hills Michigan
61 Austin Appleby QB North Canton Hoover Purdue
62 Myles Hilliard DE Bedford Pittsburgh
63 Terry Davis OG Wyoming
64 Tony Matteo OG Manchester
65 Sebastian Smith S Pickerington Central
66 DeShawn Dowdy OLB Akron North
67 Armani Miller WR Huber Heights Wayne Toledo
68 Terrell Jackson DE Columbus Marion-Franklin
69 Ross Martin K Walsh Jesuit Duke
70 Greg Kuhar DT Lakewood St. Edward
71 Mark Meyers S Toledo Whitmer
72 Jeremy Graves WR Maple Heights Cincinnati
73 Adam Pankey OG Hamilton
74 Darryl Render OLB Lakewood St. Edward
75 Cody Quinn CB Middletown Illinois
76 Marcus Foster S Troy Cincinnati
77 Kevin Mills OG Canton McKinley
78 Michael Roberts TE Cleveland Benedictine
79 Kyle Williamson OG Cincinnati Madeira Cincinnati
80 T.C. Klusman OG Cincinnati Elder Louisville
81 Joseph Spencer OG Mason Illinois
82 Brandyn Cook OC Cincinnati St. Xavier Pittsburgh
83 Antonio Johnson CB Shaker Heights
84 Josh Smith WR Cincinnati Western Hills
85 Willie Henry DT Cleveland Glenville
86 Austin Jones WR Cincinnati Christian Hills Academy
87 Alex Todd DT Streetsboro Indiana
88 Joe Burger MLB Cincinnati LaSalle
89 Mike Svetina OLB Cleveland St. Ignatius
90 Darren McGinnis S Akron Buchtel
91 Davon Bingham DE Lakota West
92 Zach Edwards WR Middletown
93 Jamire Westbrook RB Kings Miami-Ohio
94 Jacob Bennett OT Lebanon Bowling Green
95 Dawson Fletcher S Lakota West Indiana
96 Tristen Jeffries WR Sandusky
97 Jhalil Nashid-Croley MLB Cincinnati Princeton
98 Nick Wargo QB Maple Heights
99 Troy Watson OT Aurora
100 Tyler Jackman S Lexington
101 Dalton Chapman OT Grove City
102 Dayne Hammond WR Youngstown Boardman
103 James Henry OT Upper Arlington Toledo
104 Jalen Robinette WR Columbus Bexley
105 Austin Gearing QB Bishop Fenwick
106 Carlutorbantu Zaramo OG Lyndhurst Brush
107 Arlington McClinton DE Midview
108 Reggie McAdams QB Elida
109 Aaron Woosley DE Lancaster Ball State
110 Kent Kern OLB Toledo St. Johns
111 Marcus Davis WR Dublin-Coffman
112 Taylor Williams CB Dublin-Coffman
113 Tad France OG Elyria Kent State
114 Quaison Osborne OG Hudson
115 Kurt Laseak OLB Mentor
116 Craig Runyan TE Marysville Toledo
117 Dustin Ross OT Cincinnati Oak Hills
118 Jay Mastin S Centerville Miami-Ohio
119 Storm Norton OT Toledo Whitmer Toledo
120 Quincy Jones WR Lakewood St. Edward
121 John Tanner TE Cincinnati Moeller
122 Kirkland Bryant CB Lakewood St. Edward Eastern Michigan
123 Shane Denney QB Groveport Madison
124 Derrek Ross OG Cincinnati Oak Hills
125 Eric Williams QB Cleveland St. Ignatius

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