Meet 2013 Ryan Switzer

2013 standout WR Ryan Switzer has already racked up four offers, and is looking for more. He talked to Scout about his growing up with the game and his busy summer so far.

Mountain State prospect Ryan Switzer has burst onto the recruiting scene this summer -- by racking up his first four offers.

Wake Forest, Marshall, Ohio and Bowling Green have already offered the Charleston, W.V. native and he thinks several more are very close to following suit.

"Kentucky, West Virginia, and Penn State all say they are close to offering," Switzer said.

And those aren't the only schools that Switzer has been in contact with.

"Right now Penn State, Florida State, West Virginia, Marshall, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, and NC State are my favorites," Switzer said. "But I have been hearing from Notre Dame, UCLA, Oregon, and Syracuse as well."

Switzer spent the summer traveling around and camping at different schools -- but wishes he could reach even more than he already has.

"It's hard to go everywhere," Switzer said. "As many places as I have been this summer, I still haven't gone that far."

One thing is for sure, all this attention has come as no surprise to the George Washington HS standout.

"My Dad didn't start me with football until fifth grade," Switzer said of growing up. "But it came naturally to me, I always played running back and I was always faster than everybody."

Switzer has been clocked at 4.4 seconds in the 40 yard dash, but speed isn't his only asset.

"I have always been blessed with great vision," Switzer said. "And that has helped to separate me."

Plus, the Charleston, W.V., standout's love for the game started early.

"A couple of months after I was born my dad had me up at Mountaineer games," Switzer said. "We would go up there if the temperature was in the teens, or the hundreds."

He continued, "I loved it, I would take all my friends up there. It was one of my finest memories as a kid."

And after growing up on football -- it's still sinking in that Switzer will soon have the opportunity to play collegiate ball.

"It's surreal," Switzer said. "I haven't been able to sit down and really reflect on everything, but hopefully when the final decision is made i will be able to soak it all in and realize whats happening."

Switzer concludes his summer camping circuit Friday at Florida State.

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