Gridiron Kings: Nelson Agholor

When Nelson Agholor got the call from ESPN RISE inviting him to join the Southeast squad at ESPN's Gridiron Kings, Agholor says he immediately packed a bag, jumped in the car, and made the drive to Orlando. Agholor says the opportunity to play football at events like Gridiron Kings is about more than just competing.

2012 4-Star wide receiver, Nelson Agholor out of Tampa, Fla. says the opportunity to play against some of the best talent in the country is a great experience and adds he is excited to be apart of an event like Gridiron Kings.

"I tell you what, this Florida area group of guys that I have been competing with my whole life to try and stay in the rankings with, pass them, or whatever they are all good guys, they are all really good guys so I enjoy being on the same team as them. We all talk about recruiting, about different programs and what their visions are for the future because these guys are going through the same thing I am so that's why I love being out here," Agholor said.

2012 University of Florida commitment Latroy Pittman joins Agholor on the Southeast squad at Gridiron Kings. Agholor says he and Pittman have a great relationship on and off the field and adds he enjoys being on the same team with Pittman.

"Latroy is a good guy, a funny guy, a great guy and a great football player. I think I can learn a lot from him and he can learn a lot from me. But I tell you what about us, outside of football is our friendship. We crack a bunch of jokes together and it's great," Agholor said.

A lot of questions are currently surrounding the status of 2012, 5-Star DE Dante Fowler's commitment to Florida State. But Agholor, a close friend of Fowler says Fowler will make an early impact wherever he ends up and adds, right now it looks like Florida State.

"I don't know what Dante Fowler is going to do. I know he is a good friend of mine and he loves the game of football and wherever he has the opportunity to play that is where he will go. Dante is a really, really disciplined guy and he has the ability to learn. To be honest with you he has a great personality. He's young, he looks like a grown man but he acts like a child so that means he can learn a lot more," Agholor said.

When asked about Fowler's recent trip to the University of Florida for Friday Night Lights, Agholor responded, "Guys work out in places they may not necessarily end up. I think there were a lot of guys who were committed at Friday Night Lights. They are there to compete, all the greatest guys are out there, they have the music bumping, a bunch of tension, and guys egos so they all go down there and play."

Agholor has remained quiet regarding his recruiting process and says his high school coach; Dominick Ciao has taken over the reigns at this point.

"He is doing a lot of talking right now with these college programs, I am not. I am talking with my friends and family and a lot of these guys that are out here at Gridiron Kings. My coach talks to me about where we stand but I am just so blessed to be recruited by really, really traditional programs like Florida, USC, Notre Dame, Texas, and all those guys. It's just a wonderful opportunity and I hope that I can take advantage of it at the end of the day," Agholor said.

Agholor says he and Coach Ciao are continuing to build relationships with college programs and says they do not want to burn any bridges with the schools involved in his recruiting process. While Agholor says he does not have a leader or a top five, he does have plans to narrow his offers down before it is time to make official visits.

"I don't know where I will be taking my visits just yet, but I think if I went to any official visits I would have a good time, it's college! It has to take a way more in depth thought before I can tell anybody no, especially right now. I think I am going to wait until September 1st until we get written scholarships back and then we are going to look at it that way. We will have papers from schools saying they truly want me and we can pick from there," Agholor said.

When asked what position he would like to play at the collegiate level, Agholor said "I told myself from here on out I am going to go into a college program first playing receiver and wherever they need me to play. That doesn't mean that over the summer I won't work on playing corner or safety or special teams because you want to be as useful as possible to a program and if I can do that I will have a great career."

While Agholor's recruiting process has been more hectic than others in the 2012 class, he says he is enjoying and appreciating every moment of it. As a player, Agholor says he "likes to be really, really professional," but he says it is important to remember he is a young man who wants to play football, learn, and have fun.

"This game is fun no matter what level you play it at. It's fun to win and win the right way and it's even fun when you see yourself get better each day. It's crazy, I have gotten so much better since freshman year, not even including the coaching I get, that's a plus, the people I get to play against is a plus, it's just a great opportunity," Agholor said. "I am looking forward to playing the game at a high level and really just grow from it. This game has done so much for me and continues to guide me to better things," Agholor added.

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