Bulls Offer Top 2014 OL Prospect McDermott

Palm Beach Central's K.C. McDermott is on his way to being one of the top O-line prospects for the class of 2014. The 6-foot-5, 265 pound offensive tackle participated in the USF Big Man camp last weekend, and impressed the staff enough to earn an offer. The rising star talks about the camp, getting an offer from the Bulls, and names three early favorites.

K.C. McDermott is only going to be a sophomore this fall but he made some noise as a freshman in 2010. McDermott started as a freshman and was named to the U.S. Air Force 2010 Freshman All-American Team. He also comes from great bloodlines as his two older brothers both play at division I programs. His brother Shane is a center for Miami and his other brother Tyler plays for Colorado State.

"I'm strong, powerful and have good quick feet off the ball," said McDermott. "I'm a grinder!"

The 6-foot-5, 265 pound lineman was also a top prospect at the USF Big man camp last weekend and enjoyed the experience.

"The Big Man camp was great and I really enjoyed myself," said McDermott. "I liked getting to work with Coach Shankweiler, Coach Scott, and Coach Patrick, and I learned a lot while I was there. I got to go against some of the top d-linemen there and see how I matched-up." McDermott also added "The fact that it was right down the ways from the sling & shoot, so I could watch my team compete against the best teams in the state made it even better."

The 2014 O-line prospect got an opportunity to work with the USF staff and got a lot of encouraging words.

"They said they really like me as a player, like my footwork, and the way I move, but I still have to keep working on it," said McDermott. "They said they'll definitely stay in contact with me."

McDermott was enjoying the camp so much that he and his teammate stayed late to run extra drills with the Bulls staff.

"My teammate Edens Sinece and I were the last campers out of the camp," said McDermott. "We were there for an extra 25 minutes after the camp was over talking with the coaches and doing extra drills, just so they can get a closer look at us."

"What was really great was when my o-line coach, who had coached Coach Patrick in high school had him go against me one on one after the camp was over," said McDermott. "That was really a fun experience."

McDermott has been to USF before and seen the campus and facilities, but was impressed with how much has changes since the last time he was on campus.

"They facilities were great, they really were. They got nice new practice fields and we got to work out on their new turf field for the camp. I was actually there 2-3 years ago with my brother on a visit, and they have come a long way since then," said McDermott. "Lots of places have nice stuff, but the facilities don't really matter as much to me as winning does."

After the camp McDermott got even better news and was told he would be getting an offer from USF.

"They told me after the camp that they would be offering me," said McDermott. "It really did feel great to get an offer from them, I've know of the program for some time now and like them."

Besides USF, McDermott is getting a lot of early attention and schools saying they're going to offer.

"Well I do have a lot of schools looking at me and are interested in me like Miami, USF, FIU FAU, Marshall, Kentucky, and Oregon.. I just have to keep working hard and make me and my team better."

"I do have a couple verbal offers, but nothing is set in stone," said McDermott. "I now have offers from USF, FIU, and Miami, but I'm not very concerned about them because nothing is true until the actual letter comes from them in the mail."

The Palm Beach central standout does have an early shortlist of schools standing out to him right now.

"I like Miami, USF, and Oregon. Those three just stand out to me," said McDermott. "Miami as a winning program and I love being close to home and I love to fish. South Florida offers the same thing as Miami, they're just a little farther from home, and Oregon I like because of the winning attitude they have brought the last two years."

McDermott is already on his way to being a top Division I recruit for the 2014 class, but for now is concerned more with improving as a player and his upcoming season.

"I just have to keep working hard as a player," said McDermott. "And just do what I need to make me and my team better."

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