Lisle Favors Irish

Ohio offensive lineman Evan Lisle doesn't hide his interest in Notre Dame. Lisle spoke with about a recent visit to campus and more.

Centerville (Ohio) 2013 offensive lineman Evan Lisle has already garnered ample early recruiting attention. Though nearly 30 colleges have already made contact, one program sits at the top of his list, and Lisle's recent visit to Notre Dame only furthered that interest.

"I went up there to visit and they have a really nice campus," Lisle told "I know the football team is trying to turn things around with coach (Brian) Kelly coming in. I also like the academics of Notre Dame and the football team of course. They have really nice facilities and I was impressed."

Irish running back coach Tim Hinton is Lisle's main recruiter. How much time did the two spend together during his visit?

"Coach Hinton was there and he showed me around," Lisle said. "They had a camp going so I got a chance to meet all the coaches at the camp and had a chance to get to know some people."

What did the Irish coaches tell him about their interest in his abilities?

"Coach Hinton said all the coaches were impressed," Lisle said. "They liked everything about me except that Centerville doesn't pass block that much so they were not sure about that. He said they are going to follow me this season and have me up for a game this season."

Playing for one of Ohio's top prep programs means Lisle has some of the top facilities in high school football at his disposal. What did he think about the facilities in South Bend?

"We went around the whole campus and went inside the stadium, weight room, and their indoor practice field," Lisle said. "It was all really nice and a step up from Centerville. We have a lot of nice facilities but everything was so much bigger at Notre Dame.

"The weight room is huge and cool. So we saw everything and it was all nice."

As for when Lisle will look to visit the Irish again, he's not yet sure.

"Honestly I have not really thought too much about it," he said. "We've been talking about it because I know they play some very big opponents this year and I would like to see them in a game against a good team. But it is going to be hard to get up there on Saturdays as we have film (review) in the morning."

While Lisle spent the summer getting prepared for a big season, he followed the advice of his high school coach when it came to summer camps.

"Coach Ullery wanted me concentrate on this season and not worry about camps and things this summer," he said.

One of the reasons for the extra work is the expanded role Lisle will be playing this year for the Elks.

"I think they're going to have me and Benny McGowan on the right side this season on offense," Lisle said. "On defense I'll be playing tackle as well."

As for the schools that have been in contact?

"I've been contacted by about 30 schools. Notre Dame is on the top and so is Northwestern. I also like Wisconsin; Ohio State has not contacted me," he said.

Several of Lisle's teammates have gone through the recruiting cycle the past couple of seasons. What advice did he receive and what has he learned from them to help him when his time comes?

"It's been really neat as I've just tried to watch and learn from them," Lisle said. "Michael Bennett has taught me a lot as he's kind of like my mentor. I still keep in touch with him and one of the things he says is to not worry about it too much and just worry about the season and keep your head on your shoulders and the rest will come."

Another aspect Lisle loves about the Irish is their deep-rooted tradition.

"Tradition is something that is very cool about Centerville," Lisle said. "You're not playing for just yourself. You're playing for everyone who came before you. Notre Dame is like that and that is something I'm looking for in a college."

Will Lisle do enough to impress Notre Dame coaches in the upcoming season to earn an offer? will be following that development this fall to see how Lisle progresses and what interest the Irish show.

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