Notre Dame Commit Chooses Official Visit Date

With the third practice of summer conditioning over with Notre Dame commit Nick Baratti is focusing his energies on his high school's upcoming season. The four star recruit and his team's quarterback at Klein Oak High School Baratti has stayed busy this summer with non-stop 7-on-7 games.

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"I do a lot of zone reads and I wasn't able to do that in 7-on-7's so that's another aspect of the game I'm excited about getting back into this year," Baratti said. "I love working with my team and doing plays and talking as a team. It feels right. Its way different than 7-on-7. It is great to come back to it."

When it came time to deciding which game the prospect wanted to take his official visit for the answer was clear: Michigan State. The Fighting Irish are set to face off against the Spartans on September 17th. The game is known as one of football's longest lasting rivalries where the winner takes home the legendary Megaphone Trophy.

"I'm really excited to experience it," Baratti said. "I'm going to Michigan State because it is my bye week in football, but I know they are big rivals. It's a big game. I'm excited about just seeing the whole atmosphere during the gameday. The coaches and fans have told me its crazy and that there are hundreds of thousands of fans. "

Baratti does not have plans to take any other visits this fall. Klein Oak kicks off their first game of the season on September 26th against A&M Consolidated at 7:00 p.m.

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