Ramirez Enjoying the Process

Erin Hartigan caught up with Lee's Summit (MO) West linebacker Nick Ramirez after his intersquad Saturday morning to talk the upcoming season, his recent Missouri visit, and all else on the recruiting front.

"We're going to be fast this year," said Ramirez, recapping the Titans' first intersquad of the season. "Offense and defense, it's pretty much even, both sides are looking good."

The 6-foot-2, 230-pound Ramirez is certainly a contributor to that team speed, running a 4.6 forty and showing incredible quickness and agility at the linebacker position.

But his physical abilities are just icing on the cake. Above all, Ramirez is a student of the game, using pre-snap reads to ultimately stop opponents.

Ramirez attributes his maturity- both on and off field- to being on varsity since his freshman year. "I've always been around older guys, watching them, learning from them. I had to grow up quick. But it's made me the player I am today."

This package, as a whole, has schools like Missouri and Nebraska chasing hard, both having handed Ramirez his first two offers.

Ramirez was recently on the campus of Mizzou for a practice. He initially planned to attend with teammate and Tiger commit Evan Boehm, but noted, laughing, "Evan bailed on me at the last second, so my friend Sam and my girlfriend Lindsey came with me on the drive."

"The team was in meetings when we got there," he continued. "I went to the front desk (of the athletics office) and told the guy I was here for a visit."

"He asked, 'Oh, are you the linebacker? Ramirez?'… I said, 'Yes,'… He said, 'Coach Hill told me to take care of you.'"

Ramirez laughed, continuing "We went into the recruiters office, and the recruiter knew me by name. He took me into the linebacker meetings. I was watching film with the guys. We were watching old game film, spring ball practice, going over coverages. It was cool."

"We headed out to practice then. Coach (Gary) Pinkel was the first to meet me out on the field. We talked for a bit. He said, 'If you need anything, you know where I'm at. I want you to really enjoy this.'… He wants me to come for an official visit."

Ramirez said, throughout practice, he mainly watched linebacker drills.

"While I was watching, every coach came up and introduced themselves to me. Told me I need to commit."

Zaviar Gooden, Missouri's top linebacker, even took time to hang with him on the sidelines.

"Fastest guy on the team," said Ramirez. "Coach Steck (Dave Steckel) told me he just clocked him at 4.3."

Overall, the Lee's Summit West linebacker said he loved the atmosphere of practice. "Everything they did had a purpose to help in the game. It wasn't just drill after drill. Coach Steck would stop and explain why they were doing what they were doing."

"It was a lot of fun."

Ramirez reports he'll be making an official to Nebraska's campus this fall for the Huskers' awaited matchup with Ohio State.

After impressing at Texas A&M's camp last month, he has been keeping in touch with the Aggies coaching staff. He also received mail from Tennessee this week.

Ramirez knows this is just the start of his recruitment, which is why he says he's fortunate to have his position coach, Vincent Careswell, at his side for support and guidance.

"He tells me to just enjoy it," said Ramirez. "Don't make my decision too quick, don't jump the gun. He says 'Once you make your decision, that's it, so take your time, consider everyone, and soak it all up- because not everyone gets to do this.'"

"I trust him," added Ramirez. "I mean, he's the one who taught me everything. I wouldn't be nearly the player I am today without him."

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