Road Report: Dawson Dominates

CLARKSTON, Ga. – Stephenson and Tucker squared off in a scrimmage Friday night and there was a lot of talent on the football field. Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons was in attendance and he talks about the top prospects in this game here.

Tucker and Stephenson have prospects each year and over a dozen in the 2012 class that are committed to Division I schools played in this game.

  • Shawn Blaylock - 5-11/172 - Cornerback - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Blaylock is committed to Kentucky and he is a corner with good length and range. He was not tested much in this game, but he did come up and make a couple of tackles in run support. I could see he does need to work on his overall footwork as he drops into coverage.

  • Mike Davis - 5-11/195 - Running Back - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Davis did not have a lot of daylight to work with against Tucker, but he still had numerous positive runs. He showed better speed to the edge this year, he made some quick cuts in traffic, and he ran with good balance all night. He may not have broken off a long touchdown run, but this Florida commitment had a very productive night in limited work.

  • Kyle Fleetwood - 6-0/200 - Safety - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Fleetwood is an aggressive safety that enjoys coming up to make the hit. He had a couple of nice sideline tackles where he showed good closing speed as well. He did let the slot receiver get behind him on a couple of occasions, but the South Carolina commitment had a solid performance overall.

  • Darreon Herring - 6-2/200 - Linebacker - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Herring was in on a few tackles in this game. He looks to be someone who could play inside or outside on the next level as he continues to develop physically. He showed better north-south movement in this game than east-west. He is committed to Vanderbilt.

  • Carlos Hood - 6-4/265 - Defensive Tackle - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Hood played both offensive and defensive line in this game, but he expects to play defensive tackle at South Carolina. Hood looks the part physically, but as a DL, he really takes himself out of the play at times because he pops up quickly. He did not get a lot of penetration in this game despite being bigger, stronger, and more athletic than the Tucker lineman in front of him. He needs to really work on his technique as a DL.

  • Jarontay Jones - 6-1/240 - Defensive End - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Jones continues to add weight and it is really helping him, especially against the run. He played with good leverage against Tucker, he did a nice job of scraping down the line to make tackles, and he was in the backfield quite a bit as well. He may not have the ideal size of defensive ends these days, but he is effective and productive. His game used to be about speed, but he is much more balanced now.

  • Raphael Kirby - 6-1/220 - Linebacker - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: I expected to see Kirby around the ball a lot and he was. He was in on a number of tackles and he just has a nose for the football. He did a good job of shedding blocks and attacking the football. He showed the ability to play sideline to sideline. This Miami commitment could play inside or outside on the next level.

  • Jafar Mann - 6-4/293 - Defensive Tackle - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Mann (Florida commitment) just needs to be a little more aggressive and a little assertive on the defensive side of the ball. He had some nice blocks as an offensive lineman where he drove his man off the ball, but he wasn't a big factor on the defensive line. He needs to keep his hands active, explode off the ball more, and continue to improve his technique.

  • Joshus Parris - 6-2/235 - Tight End - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Stephenson did not complete more than a few passes and none went to Parris in this game. He is more of blocking tight end, someone who could be used as a fullback and/or H-Back on the next level as well. He showed fairly good hands during pre-game, but he does not get off the ball quickly when someone is lined up over top of him. He is committed to Syracuse.

  • DeMarcus Sweat - 6-2/180 - Wide Receiver - 2012 - Stephenson
    Quick Hitter: Sweat was Stephenson's only offense in this game. The Kentucky commitment returned the second half kick-off the distance. He is a long stride kid with deceptive speed. At wideout, he was not a real factor. Tucker's corners kept him in check and he did not get open consistently.

  • Josh Dawson - 6-4/225 - Defensive End - 2012 - Tucker
    Quick Hitter: If I was naming one player that impressed me the most over the weekend, it would be Dawson. On the first play, he had a sack, and he took off from there. He had numerous stops in the backfield and he had at least four sacks. He showed good moves to the inside and he has great speed off the edge. His first step is what really set him apart. His performance will likely help him move up in the future rankings.

  • Jacob Sealand - 6-1/220 - Linebacker - 2012 - Tucker
    Quick Hitter: Sealand played a strong game in this scrimmage. He is clearly the leader of Tucker's defense, he got people lined up correctly, and he made some plays. He picked off his first pass of his high school career and was in on numerous tackles. He can still work on his tackling - he needs to play with his head up and go for more solid tackles instead of arm tackles.

  • Juwaan Williams - 6-0/172 - Athlete - 2013 - Tucker
    Quick Hitter: Williams is a natural athlete and he will likely be most dangerous this year when plays break down. He is the quarterback for Tucker and he needs to work on his delivery and accuracy. He looks like a corner prospect on the next level because of his size, length, and athleticism.
    Chad Simmons started out with Scout in 2003 covering top talent in Georgia and the South. He then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager. After less than three years, Simmons was moved to National Recruiting Analyst in July 2011.
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