SEC School Chasing Texas Wideout

2013 Dallas-area wide receiver Keyshawn Henderson has already captured the attention of several Divison I college coaches. And while most began showing interest, it was an SEC program that quickly offered.

With the closing of Dallas (TX) A. Maceo Smith High School this spring, Keyshawn Henderson, 4-star LaDarrell McNeil, Head Coach Elzie Barnett, and several other members of the football program transferred to reopened Wilmer-Hutchins High.

Henderson admitted the transition was a smooth one, considering the move was only three miles down the road. He said the team, made up of transfers from all over the metroplex, gelled quickly and is ready to put their mark on the new school.

"You're going to see a good team this year," he said. "We're working hard, conditioning hard, playing hard. We're trying to go to State this year, trying to win it all, take it home."

As a leader on the squad, Henderson preaches, "Work hard, work hard, work hard. If we work hard, we'll reach the top."

This passion, leadership, and work ethic are what college coaches are liking.

The 6-foot-3, 185-pound receiver reports he's hearing from Arkansas, Kansas, Kansas State, and Memphis.

"They said I got great hands," he smiled. "They said the only thing I need to do is get stronger and quicker."

It's no surprise Henderson reports he's hearing from Arkansas most, as the Razorbacks are his only offer. He's been keeping in close touch with Coach Bobby Allen.

"Me and Coach Barnett were just meeting with him about two weeks ago," noted Henderson. "He was talking to me, telling me he wants me to come check out the campus."

Though the wideout doesn't have a date penciled in, he said, as of now, a trip to Fayetteville is the only one he knows he'll be making this fall. He plans on making a few others, but does not know exactly where or when.

As for who's standing out, he hopes visits will help him narrow that down.

What will he be looking for on those visits?

"Somewhere I can just fit in and feel safe. Like a home. Here (at Wilmer-Hutchins), I feel at home. So wherever I feel that, it's going to be a great school for me."

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