Scouting: Ben Davis vs Indianapolis Cathedral

Ben Davis pulled off an upset in a great game to cap off the Peyback Classic. We got to see several big time players in action at the game. Here is our report.

Some folks I talked to before the game thought this one might be a blow out in Cathedral's favor, but Ben Davis came to play and shrugged off a late rally be a game Cathedral squad to pull off a 24-21 victory in overtime.

Indianapolis Ben Davis

  • Caleb Cornett / Sr. / WR (6-2, 175)
    I don't think he's quite his listed 6'3, but he has the length and frame to add more weight. He made a couple big plays. He has good ability after the catch. He has some wiggle to him, is a smooth, glider type, and had solid straight line speed. He needs to get stronger. He's a willing blocker, but adding strength will help him in that department. Maybe not an early play guy, but a kid with good upside. He seemed competitive and gave good effort.

  • Antonio Allen / Jr. / S (5-10, 190)
    Kid already has an Iowa offer and had a good showing. He broke up a couple passes, despite being a kid that was thought to be more of an in the box guy. He has good instincts in coverage. He's a tough kid that will stick his nose in the action and lay some big hits. He's not real big, but is one of those guys who plays bigger than his size.

  • Lamont Osborn / Sr. / RB (5-7, 187)
    Compact back with good lower body strength and leg drive. Catches the ball pretty well out of the backfield as well. I wouldn't call him a home run hitter. He's more of a grinder and a worker than a big play guy. He has good vision and runs hard though. He has two offers currently.

  • Corey Powell / Sr. / DE (6-2, 238)
    Loved what he did in this game. He was constantly in the backfield and showed great motor. He's a well built kid, but because he's not real long, he's kind of a tweener. He may bulk up and move inside, but the kid is a football player. He was tough to block all night for Cathedral.

  • Michael Taylor / Sr. / CB (6-0, 175)
    Long kid with solid athleticism and speed. Willing in run support, but needs to get stronger. Flipped his hips and changed directions pretty well, but seemed to be at his best when keeping the play in front of him. He wasn't challenged a ton, but covered well all night. Currently holds a Western Michigan offer.

  • Matt Brock / Sr. / QB (5-11, 195)
    A fullback a year ago, now a quarterback. He made some plays and ran it pretty well. He's not a college quarterback, but appeared to be athletic enough to possibly play another position.

  • Terrance Winfrey / Sr. / TE (6-6, 265)
    Massive tight end that looks great on the hoof. Went high to catch one pass, but wasn't targeted much besides that. Did a solid job as a blocker. He might be a future offensive tackle. Intriguing prospect.

    Indianapolis Cathedral

  • John Turner / Sr. / S (6-2, 205)
    He was lined up at corner most of the night, so he did not get to see as much action as we had hoped. He did come up and lay a couple nice hits in run support, and took on blocks pretty well. The way he runs, I think he can play safety at Notre Dame, but I could also see him outgrowing the position and becoming an outside linebacker.

  • Jacob Bailey / Sr. / OT (6-4, 260)
    The Indiana commit is very strong and put together. He still has a lot of room to fill out and grow too. He's not the fleetest of foot, but he has good balance and keeps his feet. He's a solid technician who plays hard. I think he's a future guard.

  • Anthony Corsaro / Sr. / TE (6-3, 245)
    He caught two touchdowns tonight, and showed that he can be more than just a short area receiver. He has good hands and ball skills. He's a good sized kid. He has to improve his blocking technique and get a little more explosive, but I like his game and think he can play at the Division-1 level.

    Quiet night for senior receiver John Roby and junior Sampson Levingstone, two prospects we like. Senior quarterback Corey Babb was harassed all night by the Ben Davis front. He hung tough and did bring the team back late, but must limit his turnovers.

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