Meet DE Bown (Part 1)

Top 2013 Badger State DE prospect Austin Bown is primed and ready for his junior season. The Lincoln HS standout talked to about why he wants to play college ball and developing his passion for the gridiron.

Top 2013 Manitowoc, Wis., DE prospect Austin Bown may only be a junior – but he knows what it takes to make it to the next level.

"Our defense is focusing on having extreme discipline," Bown said. "Our team in general is focusing on that quality this year because if you have that during the entire game no one will be able to beat you."

He continued, "Our coach wants us to know what's going on not just at our position, but everywhere, so you know why your doing what your doing."

For Bown, football is a passion that can only be explained by his relationship with his teammates.

"It's the people that you are playing with," Bown said of football. "And if they go 100% all the team and you do too, it just helps you get to know the guys."

He added, "Sweating and bleeding with them it brings you closer."

And another thing that brings Bown and his teammates closer, are moments like the one where he knew he wanted to play collegiate football.

"My friend Nick Schroeder I went to a Wisconsin football game and we got to go on the field," Bown said. "And see how big the players were and the atmosphere and it was sweet."

He continued, "I thought one day that it would be cool for that to be me."

And as that day draws closer, Bown and his teammates have high expectations for the 2011 season.

"Right now we want to win conference," Bown said. "And make it to Madison for the state playoffs game, we want to win states."

He added, "We lose around 23 seniors this year, that class is so talented it is not even funny."

But the loss of so many talented players will bring new opportunities for the 6-foot-4, 228 pound defensive end.

"Next year we are losing so many good players," Bown said. "I will probably play offensive line too."

A new experience that the Lincoln HS standout is looking forward too.

"Our quarterback will be out of my grade so I want to protect him and keep him safe," Bown said. "I'm looking forward to it."

Plus, to Bown – no matter what side of the ball he is on, the fundamentals are the same.

"The main thing is you are always using your hands on both sides," Bown said. "There is not really much of a difference besides protecting people and destroying people."

Stay on for part two of of our Spotlight on Bown – to be released Wednesday.

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