Nebraska to host Moore

Alonzo Moore has already seen Nebraska. This summer he visited Nebraska for camp and really enjoyed himself. Now he is set to return to Lincoln to see how things are during a game day weekend. Moore says that he is looking forward to sitting in the stands and getting the feel of game day in Lincoln.

Alonzo Moore from Winnfield (La.) says that the weather has been cooperating lately with football. Moore says that when you watch his team play this fall you will have to look around for him a little bit on the field.

"The weather has been good lately," Moore said. "It's great to be back out on the field with my team. I am playing quarterback, wide receiver, punt returner, kick returner, cornerback and free safety."

Winnfield last season was good enough to get into the playoffs with just a little over a .500 record. How they did in the playoffs though gives them some hope for how far they can make it this year.

"We went to the playoffs last year after going 6-4 through the regular season and we made it all the way to the third round. This year we are looking to get passed the third round and win state."

Moore says that recruiting is picking back up and he is set to return to Lincoln in the early part of September. Moore was there in June for football camp, but he wants to see Lincoln when there is a game.

"I am going up to Nebraska for the Washington game. I pretty much saw everything at camp. I just want to see how I feel there on game. I want to sit in the stands for a game day."

It seems that Nebraska likes Moore at a number of positions potentially, but might be favoring him on defense. "I think that they like me the best at cornerback, but they like me really as a wide receiver or a free safety too. My recruiter is Coach Corey Raymond and I think that he likes me as a cornerback because he coaches cornerbacks."

Moore said that the fact that his recruiting coach, a 2012 commitment and the fact that some players are from Louisiana helps him when it comes to considering Nebraska. He knows that there are some already there that know what it's like to be from where he's from.

"He's from Louisiana, I know that there is a commitment from Louisiana and some players there from Louisiana. It feels great that I could be guys that have that same style. I wouldn't be the only one. I could relate to them."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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