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Southeast defeated Largo 21-13 on Thursday in Bradenton. It was the first week of the regular season and some of the top prospects made some big plays. Find out how the top prospects fared in this thriller.

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Largo's top prospect is junior Juwan Brown. The 6'1 QB did not have a ton of opportunity in this one, but he is an athlete that spins a nice ball. The southpaw did throw a pick in this one, but made several other quality throws on the move. He did show the ability to get yards with his feet as well. He is definitely on the raw side, but the tools are there to be a D-1 signal caller. He is one to watch for the next recruiting cycle.

Brown has a lot of potential at QB
Geoff Vogt,

Largo is going to run the ball and they have a trio of RBs that can do it. Sophomore Jarvis Stewart might have the most upside. At 5'11, 185 he projects to have D-1 feature back size and he showed some make you miss potential on a few runs. He can also play LB. Look for him to establish himself this year.

Derek Doss returned the opening kickoff for a TD when he exploded up the sideline. The 5'9 junior is built thick and runs hard inside. We like the way he blocks as well. Another junior is Harry Brown who is more of a FB type at 5'11, 205. Brown also doubles as a LB and might have more upside on that side of the ball. He can run.

Senior CB Lakief Daniels has prototype size at 6'2, 185. He is a banger at CB, constantly hitting the WRs down the field during the play. Daniels is way under the radar, but his size and athleticism will certainly peek the interest of universities down the road.

Sophomore Raheem Harvey was a player that caught our eye last year. He had almost no opportunity in this one besides a kickoff return, but we were still impressed with his physical development. He is 6'1 and has added some weight to that frame. We think he might as much upside as anyone on this roster.

Another sophomore LB/FB is Francisco Hernandez. He hits with a purpose and at 6'0, 185, he is well on his way to getting the D-1 size that schools look for. He seemed to live around the football.

Largo also has a freshmen to keep an eye on in Jonathan Crawford. It is rare to see freshmen on the field in their first real game, let alone at safety, but that is where Crawford was. He showed terrific mobility and was not afraid to mix it up. He is very lean, but at 6'1 he already has the height that is coveted. Definitely a player with a bright future.

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