Recruits React to Pitt Move to ACC

On Sunday morning, the news became official Pittsburgh and Syracuse were admitted to the ACC. We asked a few recruits from various classes what they thought of the move.

While fans and media members couldn't stop discussing more conference realignment after Pittsburgh and Syracuse announced they were now proud members of the ACC, we decided to ask the recruits how they felt about the move.

The majority of the players polled had positive things to say about the move, while some questioned it and wondered if it was the right thing to do. We asked players from the classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014 to get an idea as to what they thought of the move and how it might affect recruiting efforts.

MLB Jaylen Coleman Pittsburgh (Pa.) University Prep

**The ACC is on a whole different level, seems like the wrong choice to me. The South has so much more speed than up here. I think it will definitely help their recruiting and it will make them have to get faster kids.**

S Demetrious Cox Jeannette (Pa.)

**I don't agree with the move, but it really doesn't affect me and where Pitt is with me. I think Pitt should continue to try to be on top of the Big East and I think their basketball team is the best in the Big East.**

QB Tommy Woodson Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway 2013

**I think it is a good move. Pitt will get to play against better talent, but they still need to play West Virginia, because of the rivalry. It could help recruiting, but it could also hurt it if they don't do well.**

OG Patrick Kugler Wexford (Pa.) North Allegheny 2013

**I think it is a great move for them, because as of right now the ACC is much more competitive. I think it will help recruiting, most kids have the attitude that if you want to play for the best you have to beat the best and the ACC is definitely a step in the right direction.**

OLB Dakota Conwell Pittsburgh (Pa.) Upper St. Clair

**I like the move the ACC was already very good, but the addition of Pitt will make it an even more competitive conference. The better competition is going to help Pitt recruit better.**

TE Adam Breneman Camp Hill (Pa.) Cedar Cliff 2013

**For me, Pitt moving to the ACC is a very attractive move. The ACC is a strong conference and this makes it even stronger. The Big East is now very weak, so I'm excited to see what other changes happen.**

WR Corey Jones Pittsburgh (Pa.) Penn Hills

**I'm very happy about the move the ACC is a lot more competitive. I think this will help us get even better recruits.**

QB Chad Voytik Cleveland (Tenn.)

**I'm so pumped about Pitt joining the ACC, plus my family won't have to travel as far for the away games**

QB A.J. Long Bangor (Pa.) Pius X 2014

**I think it was a good competitive move, but their recruiting has to change drastically. They need more speed, right now they aren't fast enough to run with ACC players. The power attack won't do much without some speed.**

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