In Person Eval: Quadry Antoine

College coaches across the country are always on the hunt for intelligent safety prospects that can patrol the middle of the field with authority. Mississippi State found such a player in metro New Orleans in Belle Chasse standout Quadry Antoine. The hard hitting defensive back is well known for his intimidating persona on the field and his personable nature off of it.

Quadry Antoine has rarely found a collision he did not like. Quadry is the type of player who hits with every once of his physical being.

On the high school level, Antoine is the type of player who changes the flow of an offense. The harder he hits, the more timid receivers and ball carriers get about coming across the middle.

Antoine is a very physical player who seems to enjoy getting into the heads of his opponents without a lot of verbage.

Quadry lets his actions do most of the talking and the crowd do most of the cheering or in some cases "Oooohing".

He plays a lot bigger than he measures in. He comes in closer to 5-10 than 6-0, but he is put together well and he spends a lot of time in the weight room.

Leadership is something Antoine talks about a lot and he does not look to shrug off those responsibilities in high school.

On the field, Quadry moves around a good bit. He spends some time working over the top and then charging up in run support.

In other cases, the talented Antoine will creep up into the box to provide another tackler against a solid running team.

Antoine has the versatility to play a rover type position. He has the speed to run with receivers in the open field and the strength and power to get off of blocks near the line of scrimmage.

Quadry is a punishing, physical player who has a bright future in football and beyond.

He has an attitude that is infectious. Coaches, teammates and fans all agree Antonie is their guy and they are all happy to see him succeed.

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