Recruits React: Boise's 2011 Season, So Far

Boise State kicked off their 2011 campaign with a solid 35-21 win over the Georgia Bulldogs in The Chick-Fil-A Classic in Atlanta, GA. The Broncos have since gone on to handily defeat Toledo & Tulsa in subsequent weeks. caught up with a handful of verbal commits & prospective recruits to get their thoughts on the the start to the 2011 season for the Broncos & the win over Georgia

Currently Committed To Boise State:

Travis Averill - "Their O-line was just killing it against Georgia. I was really impressed. They opened up holes and kept pressure off of Kellen (Moore). They had a huge impact on the game and didn't give up any sacks."

Christopher Santini - "That win over Georgia was pretty sweet. I had to tape it and watch it later since I was at my brother's game. I thought they played really well. It was a great game on both sides of the ball. I thought the defense really got after it."

Ben Weaver - "I definitely love the fact that they won, but they're always the underdog in those games. People just continue to underrate them when they've shown that they can beat any team in the country. I think that's what I like most since everyone loves the underdog. You know Boise State is always going to go out there and get the job done."

Andrew Pint - "I was really excited to see that. For them to finally beat an SEC team is really good for them. The biggest thing for me is how fast they play. They don't look for the biggest guys, but guys with great speed. It reminds me of our defense."

Marcus Rios - "That win was amazing. That just shows how big Boise State is now and they're such a great team. I think the defense played really well and they did what Coach Yates talked about, made plays. Gavins had an INT and Iloka made some big plays in the secondary."

Devan Demas - "The fact that they kept running the ball even though the defense was stopping it really impressed me. They kept running it and gaining those tough yards. Overall, it was a real good game and I liked how they moved the RBs around in the offense."

Chaz Anderson - "It was a great win. What stood out to me is how the defense played so well as a unit. The D-line was very impressive and the secondary played really well too. It looked like everyone had such a deep desire to win."

Recruits Considering Boise State:

Jake Maulhardt - "I realized just how good Kellen Moore is against Georgia. They say he can't be an NFL QB, but I feel he's one of those guys that will always be able to make plays. Their offense is just ridiculous with all of the sets and formations. It's fun to watch."

Chad Chalich - "What stood out to me is how Kellen (Moore) makes it look so easy back there. It's not easy at all and especially not against a team like Georgia. They do a great job of coaching them up and getting them ready to play. I think I could succeed in that offense."

(2013) Sebastian LaRue - "Their depth is amazing and it's not just the starters that are great. All of them can play and have the ability to be great. I thought their defense played very well. They attacked the ball all night."

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