Bown has "Awesome" time at Michigan

Manitowoc (WI) Lincoln DE Austin Bown was among the visitors on hand for Michigan's 58-0 trouncing of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Needless to say, the c/o 2013 standout came away extremely impressed.

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“It was awesome,” said Bown of his time in Ann Arbor.  “I think Coach Mattison was a little worried a bit before the game, but his guys did an awesome job.  His guys did an awesome job!  It was awesome to watch.  I learned a lot from him actually. “

Bown hopes to apply some of that newfound knowledge to his game when he returns to the playing field.  That’s bad news for the opposition since the Lincoln high defense had already earned a stifling reputation.

“Our team is 7-0 so far and we’re doing pretty good,” the talented youngster said.  “As a team we’ve just stopped the run on every single team.  The most that they’ve got in a game is like ten yards.”

The 6-4, 228-pounder has played a significant role in that success. That is why programs like Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Nebraska are all showing interest.  No scholarship offers have come through to date, but during his time in Ann Arbor Bown was counseled by one of Michigan’s commitments on why that should be of little concern.

“(Tom Strobel) said once the senior year starts everything starts rolling a little faster and offers start rolling in,” Bown recalled.  “He said I have the size, but I need to put on a little more weight.”

That will certainly be one of his goals in the coming months.   The rising junior will be focused on his game, his team, and making it out to see his college suitors when his schedule allows.  So far in addition to his Michigan visit, he has been to see Nebraska and childhood favorite, Wisconsin.

“That was last year with my friend,” said Bown of his time in Madison.  “We were sophomores and we just got to check it out.  It was pretty sweet.  It was nice to see those huge guys and maybe one of those guys one day."

Bown now has a similar feeling about Michigan.  For its part, the Maize & Blue is planning to keep an eye on the Dairy State star.

“Michigan is recruiting probably at D-end and they said they were interested, but again it is just a little too early to know anything for sure (regarding a scholarship),” he stated.  “I think overall the atmosphere (in Ann Arbor) is a lot better than (some others out there).  It will definitely be one of the top schools that I would pick from.”

When decision time rolls around one factor will weigh heavier than any other.

“Academics are probably #1,” said Bown.  “That’s pretty much it for me is academics.  I guess coaching staff and what they are all about (also).”

“(A decision) will probably come at the beginning of my senior year or end of my junior year.”

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